BFA Grad Show: _____________, and a space. 13 Spaces Occupied, a Representation of the 13 Artists. 2016. Photo: Neo Tang

BFA Graduating Exhibition 2016
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , and a space.

April 14 - April 23, 2016
Audain Gallery, Vancouver

This exhibition presents the work of visual art students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.

Margaux Cheung, Pearl Lok Yi Choy, Eileen Hsu, Kevin Jinn, Victoria Kon, Jacky Lo, Siena Locher-Lo, Oscar A. Lira Sanchez, Chris Mark, Weifeng Neo Tang, Lauren Tsuyuki, Sid Wu, and Viki Wu.

Ours is a contested world with long histories of dispute over space. Conflicts over the definition, ownership, and protection of spaces define our relationships with others as much as they define our own thoughts. They are also at the centre of a growing sense of anxiety about our future. Just as these disputes give rise to myriad solutions, there are also many different expressions of space: social spaces of interaction and communication which separate us as much as bring us together; physical spaces occupied by often overlapping notions of the public and the private; discursive spaces marked by collaboration as much as by disagreement; and cognitive spaces for self-reflection and the forging of self-identity. By considering how we deal with these spaces, we will be able to better inhabit our ever-tightening world.

Featuring work in a variety of media, this exhibit is a reconciliation with spaces, filtered through the materiality of our artistic practices. Over the course of our four years as visual art students, we found new spaces in which to develop new ways of thinking and working. Through investigative gestures and experiments in studio practice, we invested in these spaces, and as we struggled, we problem-solved. In the process, we grew and discovered not only how to begin to relate to ourselves, but also how to relate to each other and to the spaces that are both around and within us. After all, we all need some space.

Presented by the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU.


Opening Reception
Wednesday, April 13 2016, 7 - 9pm
Audain Gallery

Open Critique
Thursday, April 14 2016, 2:30-5:20pm
Audain Gallery

Gallery Tour
Saturday, April 16 2016, 2pm
Audain Gallery

Gallery & Neighbourhood Tour
Saturday, April 23 2016, 2pm
Audain Gallery