Geometry of Knowing, Part 4: You Are Here. Installation view, Audain Gallery, 2015. Photo: Blaine Campbell.

BFA Project 2015
Geometry of Knowing Part 4: You Are Here

March 19 - March 28, 2015
Audain Gallery, Vancouver

YOU ARE HERE is the fourth and final installment of the SFU Galleries Geometry of Knowing series, a series that investigates approaches to the acquisition of knowledge in the full mind-body-spirit sense of intelligence. The exhibition is a collaborative curatorial effort by 3rd year students in FPA 361 with faculty member Sabine Bitter from the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU. As Audain Artists in Residence, internationally renowned artist Judith Barry worked with the class on concepts of exhibition-making. Specifically, YOU ARE HERE aims to bridge theory and practice by locating interpretations of knowledge production in the context of a pedagogical institution. Geometry of Knowing Part 4 synthesizes materials from a selection of archival sources and works submitted through an open call. 

This exhibition presents the work of visual art students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.

Amanda Arcuri, John Baldessari, Alison Bremner, Vanessa Brown, Chris Chapman, Irina Giri, Jessica Gnyp, Alex Grunenfelder, Jaymie Johnson, James K-M, Adriana Lademann, Anchi Lin, T.J. McLachlan, Jennifer O'Keefe, Terra Poirier, Emilio Rojas, Erin Siddall, Sarah Davidson, Aleezay Hashmi, Danyal Imani, Carolina Krawczyk, Janna Kumi, Lucida Lab Collaborative, Oscar Alfonso Lira Sanchez, Sandy Margaret, Bronwyn A. McMillan, Shelley Penfold, Christian Vistan, Viki Wu. 


Opening Reception (Audain Gallery)
March 18th, 7pm

Public Tour
March 21st, 1pm