Image: Larisa Volkova.

BFA Project 2014

March 27 – April 5, 2014
Audain Gallery, Vancouver

Curated by 3rd year Visual Arts students, OTHER WORLDS is an exhibition of collaboratively produced works by students throughout the School for the Contemporary Arts and other emerging artists that address the issues of collectivity, otherness, self-reflectivity, globalization and colonization. OTHER WORLDS aims to critcally explore the infinitely expanding frontier of space-travel, science fiction and science fact, futurism and global-self-awareness.

Artists include: Black Hole Vacuum (Adriana Lademann, Anchi Lin, Cydney Paddon and Jocelyn Sanchez); Q'os (Alanna Ho, Jasmine Huang, Ariel So, and Betsy Wen); Intergalactic Cultural Association of Art Critics (Jasmine Kwong, Wan Hang Tsang, Larisa Volkova and Cory Woodcock); Substantial Duality (Lauren Lavery and Stephanie Ng); Double Happiness (Brennan Kelly and Alex Strusberg); Interstellar Communications Consortium (Alex Hill, Graham White, Angela Yan and Michelle Zhang); Stephane Bernard and Ben Bonner; Wryly Andherson, Kelsey Jacobsen, Luiza Ramazanova and Sean Talarico; Katy Churcher, Coco Huang and Edward Peng; Dasha Boichenko and Aaron May; and Angela Lin and Nathan Evans.

Presented by the School for Contemporary Arts at SFU.


Opening Reception
March 26, 7pm

Presented by Black Hole Vacuum

Thursday, March 20, 6pm
Audain Gallery

Repo Man
Sunday, March 23, 7pm
The Toast, 648 Kingsway

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Monday, March 31, 7pm
The Toast, 648 Kingsway

The Brother from Another Planet
Sunday, April 6, 7pm
The Toast, 648 Kingsway