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Accurately modelling the cellular network required extensive collection of data. Categories of collected data include:

  • Earthquake assessment data including surficial geology, building classes, and liquefaction zones
  • Cell site locations and earthquake damage resistance thresholds
  • Population density and distribution for the GVRD
  • Regional traffic flow data
  • Location of convergence centers (schools, churches etc.)

Many challenges were faced in the collection of the data including problems in data collection from individual cellular carriers and from Government agencies. The data that was not available from outside sources had to be digitized.

This included many of the convergence areas (Schools, Recreation centers, hospitals, etc) and Disaster Response Routes. This data was "heads-up" digitized by utilizing digital orthographic photography.

For a complete listing of the data collected, and the sources of the data, please see the project report on the download page. A special thanks to Steve Romaine for the wealth of information on his Cellular Site.

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