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Consult the Health Promotion Team

We can all take action and contribute to the well-being of the SFU community within your professional role. Beyond on-demand workshops, our team is also available to:

  • Provide support for student, staff, and faculty mental health and well-being projects 

  • Identify and strengthen capacity for university committees to embed health and well-being in their initiative  

  • Contribute to developing a shared vision in planning and implementing health promotion action in faculties, departments, and units

  • Work with you to explore ways that you can be involved in creating a healthier campus community in your school, department, or faculty

  • Act as a liaison with other Health and Counselling providers

Meet the Health Promotion Team

Alisa Stanton (she/hers)
Associate Director

Lehoa Mak (she/hers)
Health Promotion Strategist

Melissa Lafrance (she/hers)
Health Promotion Strategist

Sabdanaa Jeyakumaran (she/hers)
Health Promotion Strategist

Daksha Jadhav (they/them)
Health Promotion Strategist

Carolina Losic Judkowicz (she/hers)
Practicum Student

Samar Gill (he/his)
Health Promotion Assistant