Healthy Campus Community

March 31, 2022: The 2021 Healthy Campus Community Champions have been announced! Congrats to Build SFU Project and Dr. Isabelle Côté.

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Let's build a campus that fosters well-being

A Healthy Campus Community is one where the people, processes, and spaces contribute to well-being and success for all. It's in the words spoken, decisions made, actions taken, and culture and systems created.

The story behind Healthy Campus Community

SFU’s Healthy Campus Community Initiative is an award winning initiative that has been internationally recognized for leadership in advancing systemic health promotion within a university context. Planning for the initiative began in 2010, and the first iteration of the initiative was launched in 2011 with the intention of taking a systemic, campus-wide approach to create conditions that enhance health and well-being. The initiative is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy University Framework which involves working collaboratively to create campus environments that positively influence the health and well-being of students, staff and faculty. Read more

Area for Action

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    Thriving in Graduate School

    Graduate students have various academic and research demands, in addition to other life commitments. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Tutor Markers (TMs) also have a unique university experience as they juggle life as both a student and a teacher.

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    Well-being in Learning Environments

    Faculty members and instructional staff across SFU are developing resources to foster well-being in learning environments. These resources include in-class activities, teaching practices, content to share with students, and much more.

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    Well-being Through Physical Spaces

    Well-designed spaces have the ability to positively impact mood, social connectedness, and learning. We work with a variety of partners to enhance the physical spaces on campus to support well-being.

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    Well-being in Policy & Settings

    Academic departments and faculties strongly influence students’ experiences at university and provide a core setting for enhancing student well-being.

Explore the newly added resources for well-being

Faculty members and instructional staff across SFU are developing resources to foster well-being in learning environments. These resources include in-class activities, teaching practices, content to share with students, and much more.


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    8 Ways to Build Resilience

    This series of videos, presented by the Health Peers, is based on Health Promotion content found in Bouncing Forward Resilience Course. Students can learn about the 6 building blocks of cultivating resilience and follow along with the activities demonstrated in each of the videos.

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    Strategies for iClicker Use that Create Flexible Learning

    This resource provides examples of ways that iClicker questioning techniques can be used to promote student engagement and flexibility in a large lecture course.

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    SFU Reconciliation

    SFU's website on Reconciliation contains information and updates on how the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is being addressed at the University.

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    TLC: Experiential Learning Casebook

    The Teaching and Learning Centre has compiled stories told by faculty members and students at Simon Fraser University in the Experiential Learning Casebook, filled with examples of ways to foster real life learning.

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    San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (PHSA)

    The PHSA (Provincial Health Services Authority) of BC delivers the San'yas: Indigenous Cultural Safety Program, a valuable resource in fostering inclusivity in your classroom.

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    Universal Design for Learning in Post-secondary Education

    The Teaching and Learning Centre has shared a guide on the 9 Principles of Universal Design, with clear examples and suggestions on how to implement each principle both in the classroom as well as online in a Canvas course.

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    Syllabus Language Regarding Stress and Support Services for Mental Well-being

    You can use this language in your class syllabus to help better inform your students about the support services available to them for their mental well-being.

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    Bouncing Forward Resilience Course

    This free, CCR-credited online Canvas course provides strategies on how students can build their personal resilience and improve their well-being. It can be shared with your students in your syllabus, on your lecture slides or through an announcement. You can also invite SFU Health Promotion to come and present this content to your class.

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    Interculture Awareness Resources

    Explore videos, infographics, and resources to learn how to better foster inclusivity by supporting EAL (English as an Additional Language) students.