Greek language

Sign-up for this year's official Greek language proficiency exams with the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies

February 19, 2020

Every year thousands of hellenophones in Greece and around the globe participate in the Ellinomatheia language exams organized and adjudicated by the Centre for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki. And every year our SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies is pleased to serve as an official testing centre for Greater Vancouver and Western Cananda - this year is no different.

The Ellinomatheia or Certificate of Attainment in Greek was established in November 1998 by the Ministry of Education in response to a persistant demand from learners of Greek in Greece and in the diaspora, for official state recognition of their language level. Certification is a requriement for many professions in Greece, as well as for those seeking to study in the country. Official recognition has also been used by many students in their home jurisdictions to meet elementary or secondary school language requirements.

The exams will take place from May 18-20, 2020 at the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies on SFU's Burnaby campus. Applications to participate are open now until March 22, 2020. Learn more on our Ellinomatheia webpage or the offical page of the Centre for the Greek Language (in Greek only). Applications are handled by the Center for the Greek Language and can be accessed on their website (also, only in Greek).

For more information about learning Greek, can be found on our Greek langauge program page.

To learn more about the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies and its programs, please visit our Media page for more information.