Assign your student a supervisor who is able to meet with and mentor them on a regular basis.

Your Co-op student has "learning objectives" for their work term. Early on, meet with them to discuss their expectations. You'll want to ensure they are realistic about the scope and nature of work coming their way. This helps them to understand the connection between their new Co-op job and their academic program.

Provide your student with an orientation to your work environment and company policies. This is a good time to talk with them about your expectations with respect to performance standards, dress code, communication, decision making channels, confidentiality, organizational structure and background on their assigned work.

Recognize that some students may need extra attention the first few weeks on the job. For some, the Co-op work term is their first experience in a professional environment.

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During your student's work term, a Co-op Coordinator from SFU will arrange a site visit in-person, by video, or by phone, to meet with you and your student. The purpose of the site visit is to "check up" on how things are going from both of your perspectives. It's like a "temperature check." Topics will include a description of your student's work, their progress and quality of work, receptivity to feedback, new skills or insights, and any concerns from either of you. This is also a good time to talk about work term extensions or re-posting the job if needed. If you have concerns about your student's work or behaviour, we recommend that you discuss those with them early on.

We'll contact you to set this up near the middle of the work term. Feel free to contact us before that if any questions or concerns arise.

Your Student's Work Report

Co-op students, in some academic programs, are required to write and submit a work report assignment at the end of each 4 month work term in order to pass their Co-op practicum. This assignment is usually arranged between the student and Co-op Coordinator at the site visit.

Evaluating Your Student

At the end of each 4-month work term, the Co-op co-ordinator will provide you a link to the Supervisor Evaluation Form. After completing the evaluation, we recommend discussing it with your student, as your feedback will provide insight into how the co-op student can improve in the workplace.