Born at the edge of the Colorado Desert, Luke Clossey has studied and taught world history for the last decade, near the San Francisco Bay, the Danube, and the Yellow Sea. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Regents of the University of California, Berkeley, awarded him the doctorate in history in 2004 for his dissertation on early Jesuit networks linking Germany, Mexico, and China. He joined the SFU History Department later that year.

Research Interests

Dr. Clossey's research program seeks to spotlight, and challenge, the modernist and Eurocentric values and assumptions that underlie our common sense today.  Rather than reinforce our current sensibilities, his work argues for the use of history--especially pre-colonial, traditional, Indigenous, and non-Enlightenment histories--as a source of "new" old solutions to contemporary problems.  "The Unbelieved and Historians" argues for expanding the categories of historical agency, while "It's A Small World After All" advances a more inclusive historical geography.

Dr. Clossey currently has two major research projects.  Global Jesus: Cross-Cultural Cults of Christ in the Late Traditional World takes a big-data approach (including 10,000 images) to consider the role of Muslim and Christian Jesus in the making of the modern world.  The community-oriented project Thai Forest Buddhism Enters the British Columbian Forest uses oral history to recreate the Canadian establishment of a highly traditional branch of Buddhism in the 1990s, which looked to ancient India to develop "new" old pathways to well-being.



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Areas of Graduate Supervision

early-modern religion, ancient and contemporary Buddhism, pedagogy and well-being

Teaching Interests

World history, history of religion


  • Canadian Historical Association Wallace K. Ferguson prize for best book with non-Canadian subject matter. (2010)
  • SFU Assistant/Associate Professor Dean's Medal (2010)
  • World History Association paper prize (2005)
  • Award for Martial Vigor (UC Berkeley, Physical Education, 1999)

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