Department of History Academic Policies


All history essays should follow the citation guidelines outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.

Grade Distribution

The following chart shows grade distribution in the History department and their numerical equivalents:

A+ 90 - 100                           C+ 67 - 69
A 85 - 89                               C 64 - 66
A- 80 – 84                             C- 60 - 63
B+ 77 - 79                             D 50 - 59
B 74 - 76                               F 49 and below
B- 70 - 73

University Policies on Academic Integrity

Intellectual rigour and academic honesty are the cornerstones of universities as centres of learning and research. Consequently, academic dishonesty -- even when committed out of ignorance -- is a serious offence carrying potentially severe penalties. According to the university calendar, academic dishonesty is "misrepresentation with intent to deceive or without regard to the source of the accuracy of statements or findings" and includes such examples as cheating on exams or aiding and abetting cheating by others, plagiarism, and submission of false information. Students are expected to inform themselves about what constitutes academic dishonesty and how to avoid it. 

Please also see the University’s Policies regarding Academic Integrity.

Grade Appeals

Before launching an appeal students are strongly advised to speak to the course instructor –  many disagreements can be resolved before having to resort to the appeal process.  Appeals will be considered on the basis of all of the student’s written academic work over the course of the semester.

Students may appeal a course grade if they feel that there has been an error in arriving at or recording a grade. Application for reconsideration is made in writing and forms for this are available from the Advisor and/or Manager, Academic & Administrative Services. Submit the appeal with any and all exams, papers and assignments that have been marked for the course and returned to the student (final exams are retained by the department for one year and will be added to the appeal package).

The process goes like this:
1) student submits appeal request with assignments which then go to the instructor of the course for an initial reconsideration.
2) If a change of grade is recommended, it is submitted to the Registrars Office.  If not, the request goes to the History Undergraduate Chair who will find a suitable second reader in the department who can evaluate the academic work.  Their response then goes back to the Undergraduate Chair who recommends based on this whether a change of grade is warranted.   The student is then informed in writing as to the decision and if a change of grade is granted it is submitted to the Registrars Office

Grade appeals will be considered only after a final grade has been given for the course and must be launched in a timely fashion following the end of the semester.