Graduate Program

Our department offers an incomparable experience in innovative and stimulating training at both the MA and PhD levels. Our students go on to prestigious doctoral and post-doctoral programs in Canada, the United States and Great Britain where they excel. MA and PhD graduates have taken positions in government, museums, media, the law and in the private sector. Our students present their work at international conferences, publish in leading journals and produce books that make significant contributions to the study of history. We are justifiably proud of our graduates and invite you to be among the next generation of SFU-trained historians.

Students at SFU experience unparalleled individual attention whether in small seminars where they engage in lively critical discussions with their peers, specially-designed training sessions put on by the Department to assist in grant-writing, conference presentation and teaching or in the hands-on guidance of supervisors. We welcome our MA and PhD students as colleagues, to participate in our monthly Departmental colloquium, to join in the annual all-British Columbia graduate student conference in Parksville, and to engage with the many, internationally-renowned speakers who visit our Department and the Centres associated with it. As a mid-sized Department with strong international connections, we offer our students an inspiring and supportive learning environment.

Most students receive minimum funding packages ranging from $11,000 to $17,000 through a combination of teaching assistantships and graduate fellowships. Funding is renewed on a yearly basis or is offered in multi-year packages. Our students typically receive much more financial support through additional internal awards, external scholarships and research assistantships. We have an excellent record of success, for example, in SSHRC competitions.


Graduate Info & Advising

For more information on our Graduate program, please contact our Graduate Program Assistant:

Ruth Anderson
Office AQ 6021

For academic advising, please contact the Graduate Program Chair:

Jeremy Brown
Office AQ 6228