Thomas Kuehn

Associate Professor
Office: AQ 6238
Telephone: 778-782-3310


Research Interests

State formation, governance, governmentality, and knowledge production in the late Ottoman Empire (ca. 1700-1923); culture and imperialism in the late Ottoman Empire (ca. 1700-1923); comparative colonialism in the Modern Middle East (ca. 1700-Present); nationalism, nation-building and culture in the Modern Middle East (ca. 1850-Present)



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  • "Ordering the Past of Ottoman Yemen, 1872-1914." In: Turcica 34 (2002), pp. 189 220.
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  • "Krisenprovinz Weihrauchland? Der osmanische Jemen im Urteil osmanischer Reformer, 1879 1910." [Ottoman Yemen as viewed by Ottoman reformers, 1879-1910] In: Jemen-Report 27.2 (1996), pp. 4 9.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Identity, politics, political Islam, and secularism in the Modern Middle East (ca. 1850-Present) with a particular emphasis on Turkey and Iran. Also, please refer to "Research Interests" listed above.

Current Graduate Students: