Graduate Student Profiles

PhD Students

  • Edip Golbasi
    Thomas Kuehn (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Internal security and the military in the late Ottoman Empire
  • Mark Grueter
    Ilya Vinkovetsky (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Russian revolutionary movement, transnational anarchist groups and North American labour
  • Aleksandar Jovanović
    Dimitris Krallis (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Byzantine court culture of the Nicaean period (1204-1261)
  • Madeline Knickerbocker
    Mary-Ellen Kelm (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Indigenous history, Canadian social and cultural history, comparative colonialism, gender and sexuality
  • Corey Larson
    Joseph Taylor (Supervisor)
  • Ardalan Rezamand
    Derryl MacLean (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The impact of Heideggerian philosophy at the University of Tehran on a philosophical defense of Iran’s current mode of governance
  • Andrea Samoil
    Mark Leier (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The working class in Alberta post-1980
  • Leah Wiener
    Mary-Ellen Kelm (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Health and welfare policies for Aboriginal children, 1900-1940

M.A. Students

  • Scott Bursey
    Paul Sedra (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Modern Islamism; Nasserist Egypt; Saudi Monarchy; Muslim Brotherhood; Revolution; Power Relations; Remembering the Future
  • Alice Huang
    Mary-Ellen Kelm (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Ethnohistory of Indigenous health on the Central Coast of British Columbia, 1895-1925
  • Huangyi Jiang
    Evdoxios Doxiadis (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Gender & Labour History of Modern Greece
  • Candice Klein
    Elise Chenier (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The role of conflict in feminist action,1965-1975
  • Aali Khan Mirjat
    Bidisha Ray (Supervisor), Luke Clossey (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Society and Architecture in Colonial Sindh
  • Liam O'Flaherty
    Willeen Keough (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Sectarianism in the labour movement in early twentieth century Newfoundland
  • Leigha Smith
    Willeen Keough (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The responses of visible minorities and working-class women to the 1968 Royal Commission on the Status of Women
  • Arlen Wiesenthal
    Thomas Kuehn (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Ottoman Empire; Comparative Empires; Monarchs and Monarchies; Personality Cults; Religion