History Undergraduate Student Jazmin Hundal receives 2017 George Paris Award in Scottish Studies

April 07, 2017

Jazmin Hundal’s keen eye for interesting primary source tidbits, passion for Scotland, and the ability to write excellent essays make her a worthy recipient of this year’s George Paris award in Scottish Studies. She also delights and engages other students with her often humourous take on the foibles of people from the past.

Professor Katie McCullough, who nominated Hundal for this year’s award, says “it is a delight to see Jazmin work in class; she uses her intelligence, warmth, and humour to get other students interested. She also currently holds the record for taking every one of my Scottish history courses!” Professor Mary-Ellen Kelm says “her work made it clear to me that she was a rising star to be watched and with Katie McCullough she has continued to grow. I can't imagine a more deserving student for the award.”

Hundal is a fourth year history major who has been studying at SFU since 2013. She says her experience here has been engaging and inspiring and that it helped her identify her passion for museums and curation.  She currently works part time at the Surrey Museum and volunteers weekly at the SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, where she’ll soon launch her own exhibit on third genders in West African masks.

Hundal found that studying history with professors like McCullough and Kelm enabled her to envision decolonizing both historical narratives and museum practice. SFU history facilitated her ability to conduct research in partnership with the Indigenous community at SFU, and through this, she has learned new ways to incorporate their oral histories and perspectives into museum spaces. She hopes, in her future endeavors, to contribute to the work that is being done in partnership with Indigenous communities to bring their perspectives into the Canadian heritage field.

In her history courses, Hundal has shown that intellectual curiosity, humour, and a willingness to work with others can take a student to new heights. We wish Jazmin Hundal success on the next leg of her intended adventure: a Museum Studies master’s course at the University of Glasgow.

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