International Student Employee

This information is intended for current SFU international students who wish to pursue employment on campus, off campus, or as part of their program requirements at SFU.

Step 1

Determine the type of work

The work may fall into one of three categories:

On campus

For SFU students, this is defined as employment within the boundaries of the SFU campus. For example, an SFU Work-Study position would be considered on-campus work. For more information, see Work on campus.

Off campus

Work opportunities outside the SFU campus, except in the case of Co-op work terms. For details, see Work off campus.

Co-op/SFU-approved internship/practicum

This includes work terms undertaken as part of an SFU Co-op program, as well as internship or practicum terms that form an integral part of your program at SFU. See Apply for a Co-op Work Permit for details.

Step 2

Determine your eligibility

To work either on or off campus, you must:

To work in an SFU Co-op work term, or an internship/practicum that is required as part of your program at SFU, you must:

  • be enrolled in an official SFU Co-op, internship, or practicum term, and 
  • hold a valid Co-op work permitNote: this applies in the case of both paid and unpaid work.

If you are in Canada under implied status (i.e. you applied for a study and/or work permit extension before the expiry date and your permit expires while you are awaiting a decision), you may still be eligible to work.

If you have recently completed your program requirements, you may begin your full-time post-graduation work immediately after you have submitted your application for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (provided that your study permit was still valid at the time you applied for it).

If you are unsure of your work eligibility, contact an International Student Advisor to confirm.

Step 3

Ensure you have the correct documents

In addition to a valid study permit and/or work permit, you will require a valid Social Insurance Number to undertake paid employment. You must have the correct conditions printed on your study permit before you can apply for a SIN. Click here for details.

Provide documents to your employer

Your employer may request to see some or all of the following:
  • valid study permit
  • valid Co-op work permit
  • proof of full-time enrollment at SFU (e.g. a Confirmaton of Enrollment Letter or official transcript)
  • Social Insurance Number (your employer is required by law to request this within 3 days after you begin work)
  • proof that you have applied to extend your study and/or work permit (if your permit will soon expire or has already expired)
  • proof that you have applied for a post-graduation work permit (if you have recently completed your program requirements)
If your employer is SFU, your supervisor will need to provide the following documents to SFU Payroll:
  • copy of your valid study permit
  • copy of your valid work permit, if applicable
  • copy of your Social Insurance Number Confirmation Letter (issued by Service Canada)
  • proof that you have applied to extend your study and/or work permit may also be required

Step 4

Comply with work conditions

You must continue to meet eligibility requirements and comply with the conditions based on the type of work you are doing as per Step 1 above. Failure to comply with IRCC rules regarding work may result in negative consequences.

How to comply with your conditions

  • Ensure your immigration documents are valid, and apply to extend them before they expire
  • Continue to meet SFU's enrollment requirements for on-campus or off-campus work
  • In the case of off-campus work, work no more than 20 hours per week while you are enrolled in full-time studies (you may work full time during scheduled breaks)
  • Provide your employer with updated copies of your documents as needed
  • If you have questions about how to maintain your work eligibility, contact an International Student Advisor


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