Request a Confirmation of Enrollment

Upon enrollment in a term, you can log in to your student account through goSFU (web version only) to print your confirmation of enrollment letter. The letter is produced as a PDF file and emailed to your SFU email account.

  1. Go to your Student Center. Under Academics / other academic, click the arrow for the drop down menu and select Confirmation of Enrollment.
  1. The most recent term will automatically be selected; however you can choose any *From and *To Term. Click the Go button. 
  1. The Confirmation of Enrollment Letter will automatically be produced as a PDF and emailed to your SFU email account. 

For previous or multiple terms

You can now access a Confirmation of Enrollment letter for previous or multiple terms on your student account through the web version of goSFU. You will need to select the *From and *To terms and a maximum of three consecutive terms may be entered. If you require enrollment information for more than three consecutive terms, you will need to request more than one letter.


What information is included on the undergraduate Confirmation of Enrollment?

  • Date
  • Family name and given name
  • Contact name
  • School name
  • School telephone number
  • School fax number
  • School website
  • Student’s program of study
  • Term enrolled for
  • Full or part-time course load
  • Number of units enrolled for
  • Units accumulated
  • Projected completion date
  • Anticipated year and month of convocation ceremony
  • Signature of registrar
  • General information regarding various program durations
  • Year equivalents
  • Embedded security features

(The graduate version lists fewer items.)

I am having difficulty viewing the PDF; what can I do?

Most likely, you have an issue with your web browser or with a pop-up blocker.  For information on disabling a pop-up blocker please see:

If after trying this you are still having difficulty, please call our help line (778.782.6930).

Is the letter I can download myself an official document?

Yes: the confirmation of enrollment letter that you download yourself is an official SFU document.  The letter has embedded security features that will assist staff in verifying the authenticity of the document.

My projected completion date doesn’t match when I expect to finish my degree; what should I do?

Please meet with your department advisor and/or Co-op advisor to request a program extension. Your advisor will submit a “Program Extension Form” to the Registrar and Information Services Office which confirms when you will finish your degree requirements. This form is used to produce a custom Confirmation of Enrollment letter, which will be emailed to you or made available for pick up at your preferred Registrar and Information Services office within two to three business days.

I need to tell Student Loans that I’m still in school.  How do I confirm my enrollment with Student Loans?

If you need to confirm your enrollment with Student Loans, please see a Financial Aid Advisor.  Find contact information for Financial Aid and Awards at:

You should NOT use a confirmation of enrollment letter for student loans.

I need to apply for a study permit/student visa and I have been reactivated and cannot enroll yet.  How do I get a letter that confirms my student status?

Please submit a confirmation of enrollment request form and indicate on the form that you have been reactivated. SFU staff will contact you to confirm your situation and make arrangements to get you the documents you need.

How do I confirm my enrollment to obtain funds from my RESP?

The current RESP providers will accept the SFU Confirmation of Enrollment Letter generated from your student account:

Please check with your RESP provider to confirm what they require if they are not on this list. Many RESP providers have specialized forms which they ask subscribers to bring to the University for completion. You may bring those forms to any Registrar and Information Services office to be filled out.

Is there a charge for the confirmation of enrollment letter?

We don't charge for confirmation of enrollment letters.

How do I get a letter confirming my enrollment for a future term?

We cannot confirm enrollment for future terms.  We may be able to indicate a student’s eligibility to enroll in a future term.  Please submit a confirmation of enrollment request form and clearly indicate what you need.

I need more information on my confirmation of enrollment letter than what I can download myself.  How do I get a custom letter?

Please submit an Confirmation of Enrollment application and clearly indicate what you need. SFU staff will contact you to confirm your situation and make arrangements to get you the documents you need. You may turn in the form to the Registrar and Information Services office. Paper requests may be submitted via fax, by mail or in person to any Registrar and Information Services office. Please allow 2–3 business days for processing these letters.

For general inquiries/status updates regarding letter requests, please contact the campus where the form was turned in.

I'm an international student. What should I carry with me to prove my enrollment status at SFU when entering Canada? 

We recommend that you carry a current SFU confirmation of enrollment letter.  Please consult the International Student Advising and Programs website for all other required immigration documents you should hold for your return through a port of entry into Canada. For more information, contact an International Student Advisor.

Please see our COVID-19 FAQ page for international students for COVID related specifics.

I have been asked to provide a letter to confirm SFU’s primary language of instruction. How do I get this letter?

As outlined in the Simon Fraser University Calendar, English is the language of instruction at SFU.  You can download a letter to demonstrate this.

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