Ferguson, J.D. (1957) A Study of the Effects of the D.E.W. Line Upon the Eskimo of the Western Canadian Arctic, Northern Research Co-ordination Centre, Ottawa (2 volume, unpublished typescript –INAC library rare books E100.E4 F47)        summary
Keywords: Cambridge BayD.E.W. LineemploymentNorthern Co-ordination and Research Centre, shack housingtents

Kupfer, George and Charles W. Hobart (1978) Impact of oil exploration work on an Inuit community, Arctic Anthropology 15(1): 58-67                        summary
    Keywords: employmentKugluktuk (Coppermine)Mackenzie DeltaMackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry

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    Keywords: Baker LakeemploymentNorthern Co-ordination and Research Centreresettlementshack housingtents

Yatsushiro, Toshio (1958) Northern Research Co-ordination Centre Census of the Eskimo Population in Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island, N.W.T., July 1958 (unpublished document – rare books collection INAC Library: E100.P5.C36)                      summary
    Keywords: employmentIqaluit (Frobisher Bay)Northern Co-ordination and Research Centreshack housingsocial housingtuberculosis

Yatsushiro, Toshio (1963) Frobisher Bay 1958, NCRC-63-6, Northern Research Co-Ordination Centre, Ottawa                   summary
    Keywords: employmenthousing conditionsIqaluit (Frobisher Bay)Northern Co-ordination and Research Centreshack housingsocial housingtents