CUSC Surveys

CUSC is the Canadian University Survey Consortium. Each year since 1996, member universities, such as SFU, participate in a nation-wide survey of their undergraduate students. The surveys are on a 3-year cycle, surveying three different undergraduate populations. Until 2014 the 3-year cycle of surveys focused on first-year students, all undergraduate students, and graduating students. In 2014, an improved suite of surveys were introduced, which included a new 2014 Survey of Middle Years Students. The improved surveys maintain their focus on the Canadian university student experience by collecting information on what students expect of their university, their motivations for going to university, whether they have a goal in mind, and their development. The three surveys contain common questions that allow universities to track changes in student satisfaction and success from first-year to middle-years to graduating year.

The reports on this page show the results for all students surveyed, and compare these to the results for SFU students.


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