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  2. New Students
  3. Demographics
  4. International Students and SFU International Experience
  5. Co-op Students
  6. Aboriginal Students
  7. Student Academic Performance
  8. Student Outcomes
  9. Undergraduate Student Retention
  10. Surrey Campus Analysis
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New Students:


International Students and SFU International Experience:

  1. by Country, Graduate *
  2. by Country, Undergraduate *
  3. by Faculty - pdf (or Excel or pdf graph)
  4. by Visa Type - pdf (or Excel or pdf graph)
  5. Fall International Student Report

Co-op Students:

  1. Undergraduate Participation in Co-operative Education at SFU - pdf (or Excel)
  2. Placements by Faculty, Subject, and Year - pdf (or Excel)

Aboriginal Students:

        Aboriginal Student Fact Sheet (restricted access)

Student Academic Performance:

  1. CGPA Distribution, by Faculty and Year Level - pdf table (or Excel)
  2. Gatekeeper Course Analysis (access restricted to SFU faculty and staff)
  3. Grades Report
  4. Profile of BC Transfer Students - pdf

Student Outcomes:

  1. BC Baccalaureate Graduates Survey
  2. Credentials Awarded:
  3. Credit Hours and Credential Completion, by Year of Admission and Basis of Admission:

Undergraduate Student Retention:

  1. Retention Statistics

Surrey Campus Analysis:

  1. Surrey Campus Analysis (restricted access)

Related Links:

  1. Academic Information Report
  2. Undergraduate Student Survey