Note: Many of the following reports are updated annually.  If you are are looking for headcounts or FTE enrollments for the current term or year, please see our Enrollment Reports.

  1. Headcounts
  2. New Students
  3. Activity FTEs (AFTEs)
  4. Demographics
  5. International Students and SFU International Experience
  6. Co-op Students
  7. Aboriginal Students
  8. Student Academic Performance
  9. Student Outcomes
  10. Student Retention
  11. Related Links

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New Students:

Activity FTEs (AFTEs):


International Students and SFU International Experience:

  1. by Country, Graduate - pdf (Excel table, or pdf graph)
  2. by Country, Undergraduate - pdf (Excel table or pdf graph)
  3. by Faculty - pdf (or Excel or pdf graph)
  4. by Visa Type - pdf (or Excel or pdf graph)
  5. Fall International Student Report
  6. International Undergraduate Student Pivot Tables (restricted access)

Co-op Students:

  1. Indicators of Student Participation in Co-operative Education at SFU - pdf (or Excel)
  2. Placements by Faculty, Discipline and Year - pdf (or Excel)

Aboriginal Students:

        Aboriginal Student Fact Sheet

Student Academic Performance:

  1. CGPA Distribution, by Faculty and Year Level - pdf table (or Excel)
  2. Gatekeeper Course Analysis (restricted access)
  3. Grades Report
  4. Profile of BC College Transfer Students Admitted to SFU

Student Outcomes:

  1. BC Baccalaureate Graduate Outcomes Survey
  2. BC University Leavers Survey
  3. Credentials Awarded:
  4. Credit Hours and Credential Completion, by Year of Admission and Basis of Admission:

Student Retention:

  1. Retention Statistics
  2. Understanding Student Retention at SFU:
  3. Retention Presentation at Seattle AIR Forum, May 26, 2008

Related Links:

  1. Academic Information Report
  2. Tuition Affordability Survey
  3. Undergraduate Student Survey