Frequently Asked Questions


How many undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at SFU?

You can find the enrolment numbers (headcounts) for each term here, as well as AFTEs, WAFTEs, and breakdowns by faculties, full-time/part-time status, and more:

On average, how many years do students take to complete a degree at SFU?

We have this data by department, faculty, and for SFU overall in the "Tables" documents here:


How many students are registered in a particular course?

You can find a history of official end of week 3 course enrolments for each term and course at:

How quickly do courses fill up during the course registration period?

You can find daily course enrolment statistics from start of registration to end of week 1 of classes for each undergraduate course section at:


What are SFU alumni doing 2 years and 5 years after graduating?

The Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS) contains this data.  You can find the results of this survey for all participating institutions, including SFU here:

Use the filters to find results for specific years, institutions, and CIP codes (Classification of Instructional Programs)

Faculty and Staff

How many faculty and staff work at SFU?

This PDF document lists the number of faculty and staff by affiliation and position type for each campus:

Other Post-Secondary Institutions

Where can I find institutional statistics for other post-secondary institutions?

You can find a list of institutional research office websites at other post-secondary institutions here: