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LBST 330 Class Projects Open House: Fostering Collaboration and Meaningful Engagement in Labour Studies Education

December 15, 2023

Labour Studies instructor Jade Ho and her students recently hosted an open house event showcasing their final class projects for LBST 330 on November 29, 2023.

In LBST 330: Selected Topics in Labour Studies - Labor & Education, students engaged in creative projects and developed resources for fellow students, workers, and the community at large to educate each other on topics including decolonizing education, resisting neoliberal education, contract workers in higher education, teacher union & activism, migrant student issues, and seeing the TSSU strike as an opportunity for labour education.

By making the course both academically oriented and community-based, Jade observed that "students responded very well to this collaborative opportunity, [stating that] it made their work in class much more meaningful. They also felt a stronger sense of ownership over the work, knowing that it is not just a class project but something that can be used by others."

The open house event was also attended by another Labour Studies instructor, Dr. Evelyn Encalada Grez, and her students in LBST 100, as well as other students and TSSU members.

About Jade - 

Yi Chien Jade Ho 何宜謙 is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education at SFU. Jade also teaches various courses in Faculty of Education, Labour Studies, and Global Asia. Outside of academia, she has been an housing justice and labour organizer in Vancouver. Her doctoral work centers on developing a radical pedagogy of place through the lens of decolonization in cross-cultural contexts and the connection between place, land and identity in marginalized communities in Taiwan and in Vancouver.