Evelyn Encalada Grez

Assistant Professor
Labour Studies Program | Sociology and Anthropology
Twitter: @professor_evy

Areas of interest

Labour Migration—Work, Gender, and Sexuality—Race, Immigration, and Citizenship
Latin American/Latinx Studies—Transnational Ethnography—Decolonizing and Transformative Pedagogies


Dr. Encalada Grez is a transnational labour scholar and community-labour organizer committed to critical sociology and decolonial theories of knowledge production that centers diverse ways of knowing and precarious workers’ experiences within the margins of the global economy. She is the co-founder of the award wining collective, Justice for Migrant Workers, J4MW that has advocated for the rights of migrant farmworkers in Canada for two decades. Her research bridges grass-roots activism with academic scholarship and through this approach Dr. Encalada Grez has extensively documented the lives of Mexican migrant farmworker women who work and forge transnational livelihoods between rural Canada and rural Mexico.

As a public sociologist, Dr. Encalada Grez has mobilized her research through various media such as documentaries and given talks in venues such as Parliament Hill, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and at the United Nations in New York. She has also worked transnationally with export-processing workers in Mexico and Central America and as lead travelling faculty teaching US university students in over 6 countries. For three semesters, she was also the Academic Director of an intensive social justice study abroad program in her city of birth, Valparaiso, Chile. Dr. Encalada Grez is driven by her immigrant working class experiences and committed to decolonializing and transformative pedagogies.

Research and Work Experience in …

Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Senegal & United States


English and Spanish

Publications [*corresponds to refereed publications]

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Film collaborations

Migrant Dreams, Director Min Sook Lee (2016) [url https://www.tvo.org/video/documentaries/migrant-dreams-feature-version]

Teo in Toronto (2013) Director Min Sook Lee 
[url https://www.tvo.org/video/teo-in-toronto]

El Contrato, (2003) Director Min Sook Lee
[url https://www.nfb.ca/film/el_contrato/]

Selected Podcasts / Videos

Below the Radar Podcast (2021) "Women, Work, More: Migrant Women & Transnational Loving"

BC Labour Heritage Centre interview (2020)

CBC Radio - The Current (2016) "'Migrant Dreams' broken as workers face exploitation on Ontario farms"

Select Online Panels/roundtables

Scholar Strike Canada (2020) "Migrant Workers in Canada: Unfree Labour on Stolen Land"

The Leap (2020) "From Scarcity to Sovereignty: Food in a Time of Pandemic"