Kendra Strauss

Associate Professor, Director of the Labour Studies Program and The Morgan Centre for Labour Research

Associate Member, Department of Geography, Faculty of Environment


  • DPhil (Geography) University of Oxford
  • MSc (Geography) University of Oxford
  • BA Hons (Cultural Studies) McGill University

Research Interests

I am a labour geographer and feminist political economist with teaching and research interests in the areas of labour market change, welfare regimes, and systems of regulation. My work focuses on occupational pensions; precarious work, migration and unfree labour; and on theorizing the relationships between production and social reproduction in contemporary capitalist economies. In particular, I am interested in how categories of social difference like gender, race and class relate to how wage labour and unpaid work are valued and regulated. Recent research has looked at non-standard work in the UK (funded by the Regional Studies Association), employment agencies and unfree labour, and the evolution of legal approaches to forced labour and trafficking.

Before coming to SFU I taught at Birkbeck College (University of London) and held posts at the University of Glasgow and the University of Cambridge, where I was Director of Studies for Geography at Robinson College.


  • LBST 101-3 Introducing Labour Studies
  • LBST 306-3 The Political Economy of Labour Markets: Critical and Radical Approaches, new for Fall 2015.
  • LBST 328-3 Labour Geographies  

Graduate Student Supervision

I am happy to supervise MA and PhD students with research interests in the areas of Labour Studies and Labour Geography, in particular: feminist political economy, migration, unfree labour, gender and work, and feminist urban theory. SSHRC project - please click here for details.

Workers in the Aging City: Eldercare Labour Markets in Vancouver and Shanghai

This SSHRC-funded project is led by Dr Feng Xu (Political Science, UVic) and Dr Kendra Strauss (The Labour Studies Program, SFU). The project, which runs from 2016-2020, will investigate policy on, and definitions of, paid eldercare work in two major urban labor markets with very different care regimes. More information.


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Book Review by Ben Rogaly on the Society & Space open site (free access).

Clark, G. L., Strauss, K. and Knox-Hayes, J. (2012) Saving For Retirement: Intention, Context, and Behaviour. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Other selected publications:

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