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The Coordinators of the Math Catcher Outreach Program are Veselin Jungic and Mark MacLean.

For information about the Math Catcher program and/or to arrange a visit to your school, please contact Veselin Jungic at or Mark MacLean at

Who We Are

Veselin Jungic

Veselin is a Canadian mathematician and educator. He is devoted to bringing mathematics alive for the most varied audiences – from young to old, from rural to professional, from the most academically challenged to the most advanced students. Veselin has developed and taught the math component of the SFU Aboriginal University Preparation Program, and he also organizes and coordinates the Math Catcher Outreach Program. His goal is to encourage and support mathematical education among the aboriginal population. Veselin was awarded the 2015 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Veselin is a co-author of all Small Number's stories and the producer of all Small Number animated films.

Mark MacLean

Mark is a Canadian mathematician and educator. He is is an outstanding instructor making a major impact on teaching in Mathematics at UBC and beyond. He was one of the original members of the UBC Science One (first year Science) program and has contributed greatly to its success, with a personal dedication to enhancing the learning environment. Mark was awarded the 2012 PIMS Education Prize. Mark has co-authored all of Small Number's stories.




Veselin (on the left) and Mark (on the right) with Professor Richard Guy at the First Nations Math Education Workshop, Banff, AB., November 24, 2009

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