Your time spent as a visitor to SFU is important to us. Please ensure that you have adequate medical insurance coverage for the duration of your stay at SFU.

Visiting Graduate Research Student

Prepare for Your Arrival in British Columbia

Visiting graduate research students in BC for less than six months* are not eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan and must apply for short-term private coverage for the duration of their stay. The following plan is available:

  • Plan offers basic insurance for unexpected illness or accidents. This plan does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Review the policy online to ensure that it provides adequate coverage for your needs. 
  • The daily rate is $2.30 per person per day with a minimum purchase of 40 days. Coverage is not automatic. You can register online via website.

*Note: You must have coverage under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) if you will be a resident of BC for longer than 6 months and have a valid study or work permit. (See eligibility requirements under "other individuals in BC") Apply for BC MSP coverage as soon as you arrive in BC. You will also need to purchase insurance to provide you with interim coverage during the waiting period for the BC Medical Services Plan. The waiting period normally consists of the balance of the month of arrival in BC, plus two months.

Other Visitors (International Post-Doctoral Fellows, Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scholars)

You (and any accompanying family members) must have adequate medical insurance for the duration of your stay. The type of medical insurance/s will depend on the length of your visit.

For further information, please refer to the following links: