Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers for NanoLytica 2022 are listed below.  We welcome suggestions for speakers for NanoLytica 2023.  If you have suggestions for future speakers, please email 

Dr. David Bressler

University of Alberta

Presenting on:  Biorefining Approaches to Creating Integrated Bio-Based Energy and Biomaterial Solutions

Dr. Heather Buckley

University of Victoria

Presenting on:  Greener Materials for the Prevention of Biofouling in Water Treatment Systems and Beyond

Dr. Christian J. Kastrup

Medical College of Wisconsin

Presenting on:  Lipid and RNA Nanomedicines to Control Bleeding and Thrombosis

Dr. Megan Low

Saltworks Technologies Inc.

Presenting on:  Selective Ion Removal for High Freshwater Recovery

Dr. Peter Pauzauskie

University of Washington

Presenting on:  Solid-State Laser Refrigeration of Quantum Electronic Sensors

Dr. Jessica E. Pilarczyk

Simon Fraser University

Presenting on: Small but Mighty: Single-Celled Microfossils Provide Insight into Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Kim See

California Institute of Technology

Presenting on:  Controlling the Reactivity at Magnesium Metal Interfaces in Magnesium Batteries

Dr. Joe Trask

Cellular Imaging and Analysis Product Line Leader with PerkinElmer, North America 

Presenting on:  Phenotypic Discovery using High Content Imaging and Machine Learning

Dr. Gerlinde Wita

Global Market Leader for Energy with PerkinElmer, Austria

Presenting on:  The Role of Advanced & Nanomaterials in the Development of Batteries


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