Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers for NanoLytica 2019 are listed below.  If you have suggestions for future speakers, please email 

Dr. Stephen Urquhart

University of Saskatchewan

Presenting on:  Soft X-ray Ptychography: Towards Single Nanoparticle Spectroscopy

Dr. Milana Trifkovic

University of Calgary

Presenting on:  Bicontinuous Intraphase Jammed Emulsion Gels: A New Soft Material Enabling Direct Isolation of Co-Continuous Hierarchial Porous Materials

Dr. Ruth Merrifield


Presenting on:  Industrial Applications for Single Particle ICP-MS

Dr. Jenny McCahill

Carbon Engineering

Presenting on:  Direct Air Capture: an industrially-scalable technology to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere

Dr. Shannon Boettcher

University of Oregon

Presenting on: Understanding heterogeneous electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

Dr. Stefan Wilhem

Oklahoma University

Presenting on:  Quantifying Nano-Bio Interactions at the Single Cell Level

Dr. Mike Serpe

University of Alberta 

Presenting on:  Nanogel-Based Optical Devices for Sensing and Biosensing

Dr. Mina Hoorfar

University of British Columbia

Presenting on:  Advanced Biomedical and Environmental Diagnostics through Microfluidic Olfaction Technology

Dr. David Ginger

University of Washington

Presenting on:  Probing Mixed Conductors: Translating Signals Across the Biological/Digital Divide

Dr. Mike Fleischauer

Nanotechnology Research Centre

Presenting on:  Correlating composition and capacity in Li-ion battery electrodes

Dr. Walter Cicha

Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC-IRAP

Presenting on:  Transformational Technologies 2019 – Praising Pascal



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