Invited Speakers

Our invited speakers for NanoLytica 2018 are listed below; updates for 2019 will be posted in the coming months.  If you have suggestions for future speakers, please email 

Dr. Arka Majumdar

University of Washington

Presenting on:  Metasurface Computational Imaging

Dr. Jared Brown

University Colorado Denver 

Presenting on:  Immunological Responses to Engineered Nanomaterials and the Role of Physicochemical Properties

Dr. Ruth Merrifield


Presenting on:  Single Cell ICP-MS: Quantification of Metal Content in Individual Cells

Mr. Clint Landrock

NanoTech Security Corp.

Presenting on:  New Advancements in Diffractive and Plasmonic Nano-Optics

Dr. Jason MacKenzie

Redlen Technologies, Inc.

Presenting on:  Growth, Characterization and Performance of CdZnTe using the Travelling Heater Method

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jim Hutchison

University of Oregon 

Presenting on:  Analytical Approaches to Advance and Accelerate Nanomaterial Development for Enhanced Performance and Safety

Dr. Chad Cuss

University of Alberta 

Presenting on:  Routine Separation of Mineral Nanoparticles and Major Colloidal Species Using AF4-UV-ICPMS: Optimization, Verification and Application

Dr. Chady Stephan


Presenting on:  Innovations in Single Particle ICP-MS

Dr. Belinda Heyne

University of Calgary 

Presenting on:   Singlet Oxygen at the Nanoscale

Dr. Matthew Markiewicz

Ballard Power Systems

Presenting on:  Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers: Material Challenges and Development

Mr. Arash Ashtiani


Presenting on:  From Big Data to Understanding: A Modern Data Processing Pipeline



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