Cantonese language processing

Linguistic documentation and analysis

Alderete, John, Queenie Chan, Macarius Chan, Gloria Fan, and Olivia Nickel. 2017. Cantonese grammar synopsis. Manuscript, Simon Fraser University.
Summary: 53 page skeletal synopsis of linguistic structures of Cantonese. 

Li, Jane S.Y., Heikal Badrulhisham, John Alderete. 2021. Lexical and sub-lexical frequency effects in Cantonese. To appear in the Taiwan Journal of Linguistics. Github project page with frequency norm data and scripts for exploring the corpora.
Summary: documentation of sound and word frequency norms from three big Cantonese corpora. 

2022. Alderete, John, Queenie Chan, and Shin-ichi Tanaka. The morphology of Cantonese “change tone”: Extensions and limitations. Gengo Kenkyu 161: 139-169. Data supplement: OTWorkPlace files
Summary: contemporary OT analysis of classic problem of changed tone morphology.

Language production research

Alderete, John, Queenie Chan, and Henny Yeung. 2019. Tone slips in Cantonese: Evidence for early phonological encoding. Cognition 191, 103952. Data release.
Summary: analysis of 432 tone slips using recent production theories of encoding tone.

Alderete, John. 2022. Cross-linguistic trends in speech errors: An analysis of the sub-lexical errors in Cantonese. Language and Speech, https://10.1177/00238309211071045. See OSF page for the underlying data sets.
Summary: investigation of 2245 sound errors relative typological trends for speech errors. 

2018. Alderete, John and Queenie Chan. Simon Fraser University Speech Error Database – Cantonese 1.0 (First release) []. Burnaby, BC (Canada): Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University (Distributor).
Summary: database of 2502 speech errors with supporting documentation