I am Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I am a geographer, with a general interest in law, and a particular interest in property in land. I have traced the work of property in many conflicts and social relations, including gentrification, urban gardening, the municipal regulation of panhandling and, most recently, indigenous-state treaties.  

I am currently engaged in team-based research on the use of ‘area restrictions’ included in bail and sentencing conditions imposed in the context of criminal proceedings involving marginalized groups of people. I am also part of a large collaborative project exploring the liquidation of Japanese-Canadian property after WWII. I am interested in bringing together philosophical pragmatism and performativity theory to take seriously the enactments of property. 

Please contact me for more information on my research and teaching, or for graduate research opportunities. 

Department of Geography, 
 Simon Fraser University
,  Burnaby,  BC V5A 1S6
,  Canada

778 782 3713



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