Alain LeTourneau is pursuing an MA in Human Geography. His research explores various agency-oriented or bottom-up approaches to affordable urban housing, specifically  British Columbia's rental housing co-operatives; North American co-housing as it appears in Portland, Oregon in the U.S. and in Vancouver, Canada; as well as Northern European building groups in the Netherlands and Germany.

Simon Goodspeed is pursuing a Masters degree in Urban Studies. He is interested in the social regulation of space, practices of inclusion and exclusion, and the role they play in urban processes. His proposed research is an analysis of how health care strategies in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are both informed by and influence changing urban demographics and the constitution of neighbourhoods.

Noah Quastel is a Post Doctoral Fellow. He works at the intersection of law, economy, and geography. While at SFU he seeks to understand the ways law is shaped by economic thought to enable, create and transform urban Canadian property markets. 


Trevor Wideman is a PhD scholar in Geography investigating the links between urban planning and property. He is particularly interested in the ways that planning acts to mediate the contentious politics of real property in land, and how unconventional conceptions of land use might arise to reallocate power in the city.




Natalia Perez is a PhD scholar in Geography investigating the material and symbolic effects that land property rights interventions have on social ordering, as well as in making –and remaking- space. She is particularly interested in exploring the effects of policies on land restitution, formalization and rural development in an agrarian frontier located in the eastern plains of Colombia, known as the “Altillanura”, under a conflict and post-conflict context.