In Progress:

Hilda Fernandez Alvarez, Doctoral Candidate Geography: "Mapping the Discursive Spaces of Trauma and Healing in the Mental Health Institution" (Supervisory Committee Member)

Sobhi al-Zobaidi, Doctoral Candidate Humanities: “Colonial Spaces, Postcolonial Times: Dispossession, Resistance and identity in an Age of Digital Reproduction” (Senior Supervisor) 

Eugenia Bertulis, Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Liberal Studies: The Product, Mass Culture and Object Agency.” (Supervisory Committee) 

Andrew Czink, Doctoral Candidate Graduate Liberal Studies: "Doing Music: A Philosophy of Embodied Sonorous Musical Practices" (Senior Supervisor) 

Duane Fontaine, Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Liberal Studies: ""Post-Work Society: A Phenomenological Analysis of Work, Autonomy and Meaning" (Senior Supervisor)

Christopher Hardcastle, Masters Candidate, Humanities:  "Exposing the Corporate Myth:  Challenging the Judicial Reification of Corporations and the Courts' Recognition of Corporate Charter Rights" (Senior Supervisor) 

J.J. Hill, Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Liberal Studies: "The Schizophrenic Narratives: The Construction of Self Through the Tales we Re/tell Ourselves and to Others" (Supervisory Committee)

Caedyn Lennox, Masters Candidate, Humanities 

Morgan Young, Masters Candidate, Humanities: "Towards a Critical Theory of Fantasy" (Senior Supervisor)

Alexis Wolfe, Masters Candidate, Humanities: "Symbolic Collisions: Short-Circuits in the Libidinal Economy" (Senior Supervisor) 

Stephanie Yu, Masters Candidate, Humanities: "The Crisis of Authenticity in the Age of Anxiety" (Senior Supervisor) 



Adela Muchova, M.A. Humanities:  The Experience of Czech Exile Writers.” (Senior Supervisor) 2006

Susan Pell, Ph.D. Humanities : Publics in Formation: An Analysis of Woodwards Contentious Redevelopment 1995-2002 (Supervisory Committee) 2010

Huyen Pham, M.A. Humanities: “Breaking the Gaze: Ressentiment, Bad Faith, and the Struggle for Individual Freedom" (Senior Supervisor) 2013  

Kavita Reddy, M.A. Humanities: “The Negativity of Place: Capital Accumulation and Ecological Limits”  (Senior Supervisor) 2016

Michael Thoma, MLS Graduate Liberal Studies “Cinema and Marxist Aesthetics: Lukacs, Benjamin and Adorno.” (Senior Supervisor)  2009