Splinters Collective

Short essays on the here & now published in a monthly edition, featuring Rosemany Bechler (openDemocracy), Samir Gandesha (SFU), Iain Galbraith (author), Leonie Rushforth (author), and Christos Tombras (author).

July 2020

This month: How far is a social distance? ... Axioms of choice... ANTI-SONG... The Part that Has No Part ... Whatever happened to Dunkirk spirit? Part Two

June 2020

This month: Whatever happened to Dunkirk spirit?... SLIMY KNOWLEDGE... Endgame?... The Fire of Moscow.

May 2020

This month: Truth, with strings attached... On Love and Loathing... Street Opera... A qualified welcome to a new Labour leader in the UK...The Gift of COVID-19.

April 2020

This month: "Genocide is Not an Essential Service!"... Family likeness... THE WEST IS WINNING: Pompeo's address... Ten Seconds from Now... Evelina isn’t herself?

March 2020

This month: The Left Contra Critique... HIGH-VIS.... Of Reasons and Causes... AGAINST EXTINCTION III – a revenant... Confusing green signs

February 2020

This month: AGAINST EXTINCTION II... Thought Experiment... India after Modi... Trope-hunting... Julian Assange: another other

December 2019

This month: The dimensions of the smirk... Johnson and I... A matter of choice... Spectres 2... The unravelling of the Reithian BBC, Pt.2.

November 2019

This month: Beyond Descartes... The Devils Work (in 3 parts) ... Spectres... The unravelling of the Reithian BBC

October 2019

This month: Family life... Chatter .... Great little men... DeepTrust ... Against Extinction


“A period of enormous opportunity”: the crisis of ‘critique’ (December 20, 2019)

As the year closes, we return again to the thinking of Theodor Adorno and Hannah Arendt: this time, to find the contours for rethinking left populism in their concepts of ‘critique’ and judgment.

Not only the difference between identities but the differences within them (November 19, 2018)

Thoughts on Asad Haider’s 'Mistaken Identity: race and class in an age of Trump' (Verso, 2018) contributed to a panel discussion at the fifteenth Historical Materialism annual conference in London. Review.

The lessons of the World Cup for our victim culture (August 2, 2018)

If these rebels hadn’t somehow found the courage to strike out in bold, new and, frankly, dangerous directions, we would all be the poorer for it.

Understanding right and left populisms (May 23, 2018)

Neoliberal globalization has increased both economic insecurity and cultural anxiety. Have theories of populism taken adequate account of such insecurity – key to understanding the difference between right and left populisms?

Is symbolic politics an impediment to economic equality? (April 13, 2018)

The politics of representation are mostly symbolic. In Canada, we have seen over the past two years such a politics of representation at work in the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

In defense of free speech (March 10, 2018)

The “No-platforming” of speakers with whom we fundamentally disagree can suggest that force ought to prevail over speech that is itself regarded as “violent.” This suggestion is deeply corrosive.

Letter from a petro-state (December 3, 2014)

In the wake of the US Senate narrowly failing to pass the Keystone XL pipeline bill, we must return to the central question: is Canada becoming a petro-state?