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August 23, 2017 article citing an interview with me and others on how workers have fared with NAFTA

In the Vancouver Sun about migrant workers in Canada.

In the Georgia Straight about migrant workers.

In the Georgia Straight about food security and the junk-food-risk index that we are developing.

In the Georgia Straight about unfree labour in Canada.

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The Politics of Nutrition

1 August, 2019

An interview in ABC Radio (Melbourne, Australia) with Marion Nestle and Gerardo Otero.

Further reading:

Gerardo Otero. 2018. The Neoliberal Diet: Healthy Profits, Unhealthy People. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Today on Your Call: What is the legacy of NAFTA?

15 January 2014

San Francisco, CA National Public Radio affiliate.

By Malihe Razazan

On today’s Your Call, we’ll mark the 20th anniversary of The North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the US. It went into effect during the Clinton administration in 1994. How has NAFTA affected the lives of millions of American, Canadian and Mexican workers? What has been NAFTA’s Effect on Jobs, Migration, and the Environment? Join the conversation or call in with your questions on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.


Timothy Wise, director of the Research and Policy Program at the Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University, and leads its Globalization and Sustainable Development Program

Gerardo Otero, professor of sociology, and an associate member of the school for International Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Harley Shaiken, professor of social and cultural studies at the Graduate School of Education, director of the Center for Latin American Studies and a member of the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley

Further reading:

Gerardo Otero: Neoliberal Globalization, NAFTA, and Migration: Mexico’s Loss of Food and Labor Sovereignty (link to this article in Selected Articles)

Quantifying Junk Food Risk

25 February 2013

Redeye: Vancouver Cooperative Radio  

By Mordecai Brimberg

Quantifying Junk Food Risk
Radio interview (19 minutes) on the junk-food-risk index I am developing, in Co-op Radio, Vancouver

25 February 2013

Quantifying Junk Food Risk
Radio interview (19 minutes) on the junk-food-risk index I am developing, in Co-op Radio, Vancouver

25 February 2013

Quantifying Junk Food Risk
Radio interview (19 minutes) on the junk-food-risk index I am developing, in Co-op Radio, Vancouver

25 February 2013

Videos (click red hyperlinks)

LASA Diálogos: "Colombia vota por la izquierda: Significado y desafíos". Un panel moderado por Gerardo Otero el 27 de julio de 2022. Panelistas: Hernán Darío Correa, Arturo Escobar, Irene Vélez-Torres y Mara Viveros.

Gerardo Otero. 2022. "COVID-19, Obesity and the Neoliberal Diet: How Modern Agriculture Increases our Health Risks." Webinar presented as part of the Agrarian Change Webinars, organized by the Journal of Agrarian Change. University of London (SOAS). 20 October 2022.

Gerardo Otero. 2022. Participación en el panel: Conversatorio: Dieta neoliberal y obesidad en México. El papel de las políticas públicas en la transformación de los ambientes alimentarios. Instituto de Geografía. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 5 de octubre de 2022. NOTA: Empieza en el minuto 10.

Gerardo Otero. 2022. Seminar Lecture in the course "Politics, Institutions and Development" on: Political-Cultural Formation of the Peasantry in Mexico. 4 October 2022.

Gerardo Otero, 2021. "Teoría del empoderamiento colectivo: La formación político-cultural de las clases subalternas." Ponencia magistral en el 3er Congreso del Sur en la Universidad Austral de Chile, 14 de diciembre de 2021.

Gerardo Otero, 2021. Inaugural Lecture. Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series. Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies. University of Texas at Austin: "Was there a Left Turn in Latin America? Building a Social Democracy Index." Talk's duration: 40 minutes. Total with questions and answers, 1:06. Watch it on Facebook or YouTube. 4 November 2021.

Gerardo Otero. 2021. Conferencia magistral en el XLI Seminario de Economía Agrícola: Sobrevivencia y recomposición del sector agroalimentario ante la pandemia por covid-19, sobre "Dieta neoliberal y desigualdad". 28 de octubre de 2021. Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Duración total, con presentación y preguntas y respuestas: 1:06:00.

Gerardo Otero. 2021. Lecture and discussion at Dr. Rick Welsh graduate class, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, Syracuse University: "Neoliberal Diet and Inequality." 14 April, 2021. (Duration: 15 minutes lecture and 30 minutes discussion.)

Gerardo Otero. 2021.  “Neoliberal Diet and Inequality.” March 24. Presented at the symposium: Food Security in the Americas: Race, Nutrition and Obesity. Food Security in the Americas Series. David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. Available in YouTube.

Gerardo Otero. Lecture on: "Obesity, Covid-19 and the Neoliberal Diet as Root Cause." Delivered via Zoom at the University of Arizona, Center for Regional Food Studies, November 17, 2020.

Gerardo Otero. Presentación: "La formación político-cultural de las clases subalternas: Desafíos estratégicos para MORENA" (liga directa a mi ponencia, duración de 23 minutos) en el Seminario Internacional "La Transformación Histórica del Régimen Mexicano" (liga para todo el evento, con ligas para cada ponencia). Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Noviembre 7, 2018.

Gerardo Otero. 2018 (November 21). Interview by Laura Carlsen of Telesur about the new NAFTA or USMCA, the automobile sector, food and agriculture.

Gerardo Otero. 2017. T.V. interview with Bloomberg News about NAFTA negotiations, August 15, 2017:

Gerardo Otero. 2014. Video on “Convergence or Divergence in NAFTA’s Food Performance”, given at the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, on 16 September 2014.

Gerardo Otero. 2013. February 8. This is a 12-minutes presentation of what I then called the "Junk-Food Risk Index", which would become the Neoliberal Diet Risk Index in my 2018 book, The Neoliberal Diet.

Gerardo Otero. 2011. Video on “Globalization, NAFTA and Migration: Mexico’s Loss of Food and Labor Sovereignty,” delivered on 13 April, 2011, at the University of Chicago (duration 30 minutes)