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If you would like to apply to the Masters or Ph.D. program in the School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM) at SFU, then click on REM. If you are interested in applying to the Master in Environmental Toxicology Program (MET) in the Department of Biological Sciences, then click on MET.

It is recommended that students interested in the Masters or Ph.D. programs in REM or MET contact Dr. Frank Gobas as early as possible to discuss their plans. It is also a good idea to investigate opportunities for funding. Some funding agencies (like NSERC) require applications for scholarships to be submitted almost a year before the start of the program.

Please contact May at (778) 782-5362 to discuss entrance requirements and possibilities for scholarships, TA-ships, Coop and other funding opportunities.

Students enrolled in the Masters in Environmental Toxicology (MET) Program offered by the Department of Biological Sciences are also welcome to conduct their Research project in our group.

Undergraduate students interested in doing summer research projects or fourth year projects are also invited to contact us to discuss research opportunities in our group.