who we are

We are a group of Master, Doctoral (Ph.D.), undergraduate students, Post Doctoral fellows, and research associates working together under the supervision of Dr. Frank Gobas (Distinguished Professor). We work closely together with:
Dr. Adrian deBruyn (Golder Associates)
Dr. Barry Kelly (Univ. of Singapore)
Cheryl Mackintosh (Azimuth Consultants Group) 
Dr. Chris Kennedy (SFU)
Dr. Elsie Sunderland (Harvard University)
Dr. David Campbell (Carleton University)
Dr. Don Mackay (Canadian Environmental Modeling Center) 
Dr. Frank Wania (University of Toronto) 
Dr. Gustavo Jimenez (Charles Darwin Research Station)
Dr. Hayley Hung (Environment Canada)
Dr. John Nichols (US Environmental Protection Agency) 
Dr. Jon Arnot (ARC Arnot Research & Consulting)
Dr. Justin Lo (Environment Canada) 
Dr. Marilyn Cruz (Galapagos National Park) 
Monica Riofrio (Ecuadorian Antarctic Institute-INAE) 
Dr. Paola Calle (ESPOL-Ecuador) 
Dr. Peter Ross
Dr. Tanya Brown (Fisheries Canada) 
Dr. Vicki Marlatt (SFU) 
Dr. William Doucette (Utah State University) 
Many others