ADME-B(ioaccumulation) Calculator

ADME-B(ioaccumulation) Calculator is a toxicokinetic analysis tool to aid in the interpretation of the results from dietary bioaccumulation tests of non-ionic hydrophobic organic chemicals in fish following Organisation for Economic Co‐operation and Development Guideline 305 (OECD 305). The ADME-B Calculator is an outcome of the project ECO33 “Use and Interpretation of Dietary Bioaccumulation Tests for Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals”. 

The ADME-B Calculator is a user-friendly spreadsheet tool based on a refined 2-compartment toxicokinetic framework that describes the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) of non-ionic hydrophobic organic chemicals in fish from the results of OECD 305 dietary bioaccumulation tests. The ADME-B Calculator allows the user to enter experimental data and test conditions for deriving a range of kinetic parameters describing the ADME processes as well as bioaccumulation metrics, including biomagnification factors and bioconcentration factors, which can be used in a weight of evidence approach to aid bioaccumulation assessment. It can provide uncertainty estimation for bioaccumulation metrics from dietary bioaccumulation tests, and can be applied to account for the effect of the exposure pathway in a field scenario by characterizing the ADME profile of chemicals in fish.