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Gobas 1993 Model

This model is described in Gobas 1993 (Ecol. Modelling. 69: 1-17). It is a steady-state mass-balance model to assess the degree of bioaccumulation of hydrophobic organic chemicals in aquatic ecosystems. The model was published for application to the Lake Ontario ecosystem. It has since been applied to many other ecosystems by several authors. This model has been reviewed and adopted by the US-Environmental Protection Agency for developing water quality criteria and waste load allocations in the US under the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative (EPA-822-R-94-002).

The downloadable model is written in Visual Basic for the Windows 3.x platform. It is compatible with current Windows based operating systems, but it is important to install the VBRUN300.DLL driver file or a compatible file in the Windows system directory.
You can also download an Excel spreadsheet version of the same model.