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Traffic Notices

February 2018 - December 2019 Temporary Fire Lane/Pedestrian Walkway Interruption


Facilities Services advise that as part of the AQ Plaza Renewal Project temporary pedestrian walkway interruptions can be expected, as follows:


1. The fire lane/pedestrian walkway between the east campus bus loop and the AQ 4000 Level.

2. Sections of AQ 4000 Level.

3. Stairs between AQ 4000 Level and Convocation Mall.

* Refer to the map below.


February 2018 - December 2019.


The AQ 4000 level waterproof membrane will be replaced and a new tile surface will be installed.

- The project will also involve the temporary removal of concrete steps between the AQ 4000 level and the Convocation Mall.


1. The fire lane/walkway between the east campus bus loop and AQ 4000 level will be temporarily fenced to separate pedestrians from moving construction equipment and vehicles. 

2. Pedestrians will be directed to travel along the designated pedestrian route of the walkway.

3. Pedestrians can expect temporary delays when construction vehicles are moving between the bus loop and the construction lay-down staging zone.

4. Pedestrian exits from stairwells, elevators and pathways that lead onto the AQ 4000 level will be temporarily closed at times and/or designated as emergency exits only. Please use alternate levels and routes when these conditions are in place.


1. Temporary signs will be posted to assist pedestrians with detour routes.

2. Traffic control personnel will be on site to assist pedestrians when construction equipment and vehicles are moving between the bus loop and construction sites.

3. The project work will begin in the northwest section of the AQ 4000 level, then move along the north side until the work reaches mid-point at the east side of the AQ. As work is being completed at this mid-point of the east side of the project, work will then begin in the southwest section of the AQ 4000 level, then move along the south side until the completion work reaches the east side. * This is illustrated on the map below. Phase 1 represents the "northwest section to east side" work, while phase 2 represents the "southwest to east side" work.

Please watch for equipment and crew working in the above areas and obey all signs, traffic controls and traffic control personnel.

If you have any questions with regard to the above notice, please contact Mike Spencer by email at traffic@sfu.ca.