The SFU Alerts system is the fastest way for the University to communicate with you about emergency situations and campus closures.

SFU Alerts

What is SFU Alerts?

SFU Alerts is a suite of urgent notification systems that will allow the university to quickly contact students, faculty and staff by a variety of methods.

Your information will enable SFU to notify you via:

  • Text messages (SMS) to mobile devices
  • Emails to SFU and non-SFU addresses
  • Pop-up alerts on SFU-managed computers

Why should I update my information?

With SFU Alerts, you can receive urgent notifications even when you're away from your computer or office phone.

What's involved?

Login to the Student Information System (for students), or myInfo (for faculty and staff) to get started. Make sure your contact information is up to date, and that your phone numbers correspond to the correct type of phone (for example make sure your cellphone number is listed under "Cell phone," your home number under "Home," etc.).

Log into the system anytime to change or add contact information.

How does it work?

During an urgent situation, SFU Alerts will begin cycling through your contact information.

What's an "urgent" notification?

This includes any security or safety situation that requires you to leave or avoid an area of the university. We would also advise you if the university is closing one or more campuses (because of snow or other problem) or is on standby to close.

Update your info now!

Students: sign in to the Student Information System.

Faculty and staff: sign into myInfo - It only takes a few seconds!

New Information: How do I know it's from SFU?