iOS 13

Set up your Mail, Calendar, and Contacts with just a few taps on your iPhone or iPad. iOS can automatically set up your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders in one setup. Please refer to the setup instructions below.

Setting up your WiFi connection

While at any SFU campus, please ensure that you connect to WiFi (via SFUNET-SECURE or SFUNET) prior to attempting the setup of your SFU Mail account on your mobile device. Using SFUNET-SECURE is recommended, as it provides optimal security and does not require you to manually sign in with every session.

To set up SFUNET-SECURE, follow the steps indicated on the IT Services Wireless Services Page.

iOS device setup steps

Step 1

In the Settings app, scroll down and select Mail.

Step 2

Select Add Account. Please not that we recommend removing your old SFU Connect account before adding SFU Mail to avoid confusion.

Step 3

Select Exchange.

Step 4

Enter your SFU email.  The description field is not required.  Select Next.

Note: For this step, be sure to add your email address as and not your alias (

Step 5

Select Sign In to confirm that you would like to sign in using Microsoft Exchange. Please see instructions below for manual configuration.

Step 6

Wait for SFU Mail to verify your SFU credentials.

Step 7

Enter your SFU Mail password, then click Next.

Step 8

Select what components of your SFU Mail account your want to sync onto your phone and press Save. Please note: enabling Contacts will integrate your SFU Mail account contacts with your device's contacts.

Step 9

This completes the setup of your new SFU Mail account on your iOS device.

Manual Configuration

You may be taken to the page below for several reasons, such as:

  • a bad wifi connection,
  • a misspelled password,
  • or if you select Configure Manually during setup. 

You can enter the information below and press Next, however, please note that if you have a bad wifi connection, you will need to fix that to ensure a successful setup. It is recommended that you connect to SFUNET-SECURE, or use your phone's data.