Welcome to the Sensorimotor Neuroscience Lab

Research in the Sensorimotor Neuroscience Lab examines how sensory information (visual, vestibular, and somatosensory) is used to control movement. This includes aspects of motor learning and adaptation, multisensory integration, and the spatiotemporal coupling of eye and limb movements. In particular, our research focuses on understanding how the nervous system integrates and uses visual input to control and to adapt walking in healthy and visually impaired individuals.

We use a combination of techniques from neurophysiology, biomechanics, and psychology to probe our research questions. Through our research we hope to (1) provide a more complete picture of the neural control of movement, and (2) discover novel strategies to improve balance and mobility, reduce falls, and increase quality of life in individuals with neurological and/or visual impairments.

Last updated: May 16, 2017

Lab News

  • February 2017: Two new papers published in J Neurophysiol (Maeda et al. 2017) in the January and February issues.
  • May 2016: Amanda Bakkum joins the lab as a PhD student
  • April 2016: Glaucoma Research Society of Canada grant is renewed
  • January 2016: Shaila Gunn joins the lab as a MSc student
  • July 2015: Congratulations to Andreas Miller for completing his MSc. thesis
  • May 2015: Andreas, Rodrigo, Steven, and Shaila present at the CAPnet-CPS Satellite session of CAN 2015 in Vancouver
  • May 2015: The Glaucoma Research Society of Canada has awarded Dr. Marigold a research grant to examine the relationship between gaze behaviour and mobility in older adults with glaucoma
  • April 2015: Congratulations to Rodrigo Maeda for completing his MSc. thesis
  • April 2015: Congratulations to Shaila Gunn for receiving a CGS CIHR Masters Award to start her MSc. in January 2016
  • December 2014: Kayla McGowan completes her Honours thesis project in the lab
  • September 2014: The lab welcomes Javier Dominguez Zamora as a new PhD student
  • September 2014: Dr. Marigold receives tenure and is promoted to Associate Professor
  • August 2014: Jantzen Fan completes his honours thesis project in the lab
  • August 2014: Two papers published in the AMD feature issue of Optometry & Vision Science (Alexander et al. 2014a,b)