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SFU Response to Uncontrollable Events

Simon Fraser University ("SFU" or the "university") will not provide tuition refunds or rebates in connection with the university's response to any cause or event beyond the reasonable control of the university, including but not limited to a strike, lockout or labour or civil unrest, war-like operation, invasion, rebellion, hostilities, military or usurped power, sabotage, acts of terrorism, mass-casualty event, outbreak or continued spread of virulent disease or occurrence or continuation of other public health emergency, governmental regulations or controls, serious weather event that disrupts services to the university campus (including road access, water, electricity, and telecommunications), earthquake, Acts of God, and computer attacks or other malicious acts, such as attacks on or through the Internet, any Internet service, telecommunications provider or hosting facility (the "Uncontrollable Events").

In the case of the occurrence of any Uncontrollable Event, the university's response will be determined solely by the university after taking into account the circumstances at hand. The university's response to an Uncontrollable Event may exceed then-applicable legislative amendments, controls, orders, or requests of the federal, provincial and/or municipal governments having jurisdiction ("Government Orders") in respect of the Uncontrollable Event.  The university's response may involve interruption, modification, or cancellation of academic or other university activities in accordance with then-applicable university policy and procedure in the form of, without limitation: transition from in-person learning modalities and provision of student services to virtual or other remote learning modalities and provision of student services; restriction of access to or closure of certain areas of university campuses or the campuses as a whole (including student residences); restriction of access to or closure of certain areas of student facilities or student facilities as a whole; and/or amendments to university policy, procedure, codes of conduct, or terms of use to comply with Government Orders.