For staff

Supporting the Student Ambassador Program


Your opportunity must be:

  1. Affiliated or administered through SFU
  2. Overseen by an SFU staff, faculty member, SFSS or GSS representative
  3. Short term (between 1 hour and 1-2 weeks)
  4. Not recognized as part of another program or opportunity
  5. Volunteer-based

If your opportunity doesn’t meet all of the above criteria, it is not eligible for the Student Ambassador Program. Please contact if you have any questions.

Benefits of the Student Ambassador program

  • Recruit student volunteers who are actively seeking opportunities that will enhance their skills and experience
  • Have another avenue of promotion for your event/activity
  • Include your opportunity under an umbrella program for short term involvement opportunities
  • Improve the quality of student experience and build a greater sense of community

How to add your opportunity - two steps:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. If the opportunity is approved, you will be notfied by email which includes:
    • Confirmation that your opportunity will be recognized as part of the Student Ambassador Program
    • The Verification of Student Hours  for you to complete after the event is over. Please complete the form fully with the names of all students who attended or participated in the opportunity, their student numbers, and the hours completed. 
Check out our new two-step graphic outlining how to add your opportunity.

How to add retroactive opportunities:

If your event has already occurred, but you still want to recognize your volunteers under the Student Ambassador Program, complete the Retroactive Opportunities Form . Approval for retroactive opportunities will only be given to activities that meet the following criteria:

  • The opportunity meets the Student Ambassador Program eligibility criteria (see above) 
  • The opportunity must have occurred within the current term 

**The deadline to submit all new and retroactive submissions of Student Hours for the following terms are:

Summer 2016      August 31, 2016
Fall 2016 December 23, 2016

Supporting the Peer Education Program

What are the benefits?

Improve your impact - Students are highly influenced by their peers. A Peer Educator can help strengthen the connection between your department and your student audience.

Be cost effective – Peer educators assist staff in serving a far greater number of students than would otherwise be possible. Departments are able to do more with limited resources.  

Contribute to student learning - these volunteer positions provide learning and leadership opportunities for students outside of the classroom.  Students gain a wealth of work-related skills and hands-on experience that is beneficial for their career development, as well as a personalized, professional-development action plan.

Gain student perspective - Peer Educators understand student issues and can provide you with valuable insight on how to reach student audiences effectively. Our experience shows that Peer Educators are keen to contribute ideas and bring with them their own unique enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.

How can I get started?

Peer Education starts by partnering with you to outline and implement your program from recruitment and training to evaluation and recognition within the Peer Education framework. Ongoing support in managing your student volunteers is supplied as well as direct work with your Peer Educators on meeting their individual personal and professional goals.

To discuss the possibility of creating a peer education group in your department contact:

Student Engagement and Retention, Student Services

Using myInvolvement

How do I get a staff login for myInvolvement?

Send an email to We will create a basic staff account for you and provide you with basic instructions. Once you receive myInvolvement training, then we can add additional permissions for you to use various components within myInvolvement.

I want to promote a program/volunteer position on myInvolvement.  Is my opportunity eligible?

Opportunities on myInvolvement must meet certain criteria. In general, myInvolvement can be used to post on-campus co-curricular and volunteer opportunities, programs, and workshops.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your program, please contact

I want to use myInvolvement for program participation tracking, or to post online resources for my participants.  Is my program eligible?

These features of myInvolvement are currently being tested and developed for program use. We hope to have this available for programs soon.

Using the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)


Please read the Co-Curricular Record Inclusion Criteria Checklist to determine if your opportunity is eligible.

How to add a new opportunity

  1. Read the eligibility criteria
  2. Complete the CCR Request Form and email it to
We encourage all staff to have their volunteers sign a confidentiality form as part of their involvement in volunteer opportunities. Please click here to find a copy of the University's Confidentiality Agreement form.

Submit a Student List for an Existing CCR Opportunity

At the end of each term, you may submit a list of students who have successfully participated in your opportunity. 

Please complete the Student List Submission and email it to

**The deadline to submit all requests and student lists for the following terms are:

Summer 2016      August 31, 2016
Fall 2016 December 23, 2016

Benefits of the CCR

  • Provides students with an official University document that details their co-curricular involvement and engagement on campus
  • Helps students articulate their experiences
  • Aids students to apply for jobs, graduate school, and other post-graduation goals

Staff Professional Development Opportunity: Volunteer Passport to Leadership (P2L) Facilitator

Would you like to develop your facilitation skills and engage with students in interactive workshops?

Passport to Leadership 1: Foundations of Leadership is an introductory leadership workshop series for SFU students. We are currently welcoming applications from APSA staff who would like to learn and practice facilitation techniques, and to interact with students in a fun, engaging way.

 View the full volunteer description

If you would like to apply to facilitate, fill in the application websurvey.

If you have any questions, please email Kim Thee, Student Development Educator, at, or call her at 778-782-2400.

Request to Have Your Opportunity Featured on Our Website 

Do you want to promote and recruit for your opportunity at the same time?

Having your opportunity posted on Get Involved is a great way to showcase your opportunity before and after the recruitment process. If you think your opportunity is suitable for our website, please complete the Website Request Form.

Need to update an existing page?

If your opportunity is currently featured on Get Involved, you may request to have your page updated. Simply email with the subject line: Website Update (Opportunity Name). Please allow 1-2 days for our team to process your request. You will be notified once your page has been updated. 


Get Involved features re-curring, on-campus opportunities. If you are unsure whether your opportunity is suitable, send your inquiry to and our team can help you find the best platform for your opportunity.