Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Workshop, Currently Offered

A brief introduction on how to recognize potential signs of distress and/or suicide risk, and how to provide immediate support.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshop

If you see someone in distress or at risk of suicide, do you know how to help? Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshop is designed to provide participants with a brief introduction on how to recognize potential signs of distress and/or suicide risk, how to provide immediate support, and how to make appropriate referrals.

In the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshop (formerly called Support Over Suicide or SOS training), participants will learn how to ask about suicidal thoughts and learn how to effectively respond to students in distress using interpersonal skills. The workshop teaches participants how to successfully connect a student that may be struggling with various SFU and community-based services. This workshop is free and open to all members of the SFU community.

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Fall 2023

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Canvas Course

This resource has been put together by staff at Health & Counselling as a companion and supplement to the workshops. This Canvas course was launched in June 2022, and we are looking for feedback. To share, please email

About the Facilitators

David Lindskoog

Registered Clinical Counsellor

David is a Registered Clinical Counsellor holding a MA in counselling psychology from Adler University. His approach integrates emotion-focused, narrative, and cognitive-behavioural therapy, and he prioritizes offering a grounded and caring atmosphere emphasizing safety and empathy. David is passionate about suicide prevention, social justice, career and professional development concerns, and the use of role-playing games in therapy.

Beth Triano

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Beth is a Registered Clinical Counsellor working within a client centered, intersectionality framework. She appreciates that students are busy, often overwhelmed and lead lives outside the confines of being a student. Beth’s life experience as a yoga and meditation instructor, group facilitator and graduate student inform her in her counselling work. She strives to support the development of insight, strategies and tools to assist students in reaching their counselling and broader life goals. Beth is a certified EMDR therapist with experience in supporting clients through issues related to trauma history, self-esteem, stress, anxiety and low mood.

Lyndsay Cotterall (She/Hers)

Registered Clinical Counsellor 

Lyndsay is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Approved Clinical Supervisor with an M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University. She works from a client and student-centred perspective with an emphasis on creating a collaborative, supportive, and caring space to meet the client’s unique needs. She integrates relational-cultural, emotion-focused, and cognitive behavioural theories, as well as motivational interviewing into her daily work. Lyndsay is passionate about stigma reduction and has the pleasure of overseeing and supporting the Hi-FIVE Movement for Mental Health Program at SFU. She also works actively in the Health & Counselling Practicum Program.