Women's Memorial March

February 14th is a Memorial Day to remember murdered and missing Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit family and community members. The ISC remembers and honours all our Indigenous loved ones who have been murdered and gone missing. 

What is the Women’s Memorial March?

Every February 14th the Women's Memorial March takes place. The first women’s memorial march was held in 1992 in response to the murder of a woman on Powell Street in Vancouver. Out of this sense of hopelessness and anger came an annual march on Valentine’s Day to express compassion, community, and caring for all women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside on unceded Coast Salish territories. We encourage others to join us in supporting this event and continue raising awareness.

How do I support the Women’s Memorial March?

  • Spread Awareness: Spread the word and invite your friends to the March.
  • Attend: On February 14 join the March to honour the lives of our stolen sisters and gender-diverse relations.
  • Respect the Protocols: For this event to happen in a good way please refer to the Women's Memorial March website for event protocols.
  • Volunteer: Help is need for setup, cleanup and more. 
  • Donate: The March is made possible by individuals like you. You can make a donation online on the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre's website.

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