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Room Booking (Facilities Rental)

SFU’s newest campus, SFU Surrey, offers state-of-the-art facilities in an architecturally acclaimed setting, the Bing Thom-designed Central City. The campus is convenient to both the Surrey Central SkyTrain station and to Highway 1, making it easy to access from downtown, the airport and the Fraser Valley.

As SFU Surrey is a teaching campus, academic activities have first priority, making large-scale conferences and events impractical at the campus. However, smaller events can be accommodated. We offer a variety of room sizes, from the 200-seat Westminster Savings Theatre, through smaller lecture theatres, to more intimate meeting and break-out rooms.

Fill out the request form for any facilities rental requests.

If you are a current SFU student, you may book team rooms for group study.

If you require a space for your student club events, please contact SFSS Surrey at

If you require a classroom for your class project, please contact your instructor/department.

Meeting Rooms
There are 8 meeting rooms available for staff and faculty members. Room capacities range from 10 – 24 people, and they can be booked through SFU Connect Calendar.

For all other room bookings for faculty & Staff, please fill out our request form below:

Campus Space

Paper copies of the new campus floorplans can be picked up from: the Security and Information desk, Registrar and Information Services, the Library, the Yosef Wosk Learning Commons, the Games room and lounges on Galleria 3. Electronic copies of the SFU Surrey Floorplans (PDF) are available online. An interactive version is available from ASC’s website here.

A drop-in lab, room 2300, is located on the Mezzanine. A total of 48 computers are available on a first come, first served basis.

Download a copy of the SFU's Surrey Campus Guide (PDF) including campus floormaps, campus services and hours of operations.

See where you can study on Surrey campus here.


SFU Main entrance: The set of doors at the far right hand side has an SFU programmed card reader.
SFU Rear entrance: There is a card reader at the door.
Mall: There is no after hours access to the Central City Mall.

Bicycle racks for faculty, staff and students are located on level 1 of the Parkade. This is a covered outdoor fenced-in area with a lockable gate. Cyclists may store their bicycles at their own risk. Contact Security in the tower lobby area to obtain a punch code for the gate.  Bicycles are never to be brought into the building.

The Mezzanine and Podium 2 is accessible from the main entrance by the grand staircase or the glass elevator in the tower lobby. There is level access to the Mezzanine at the rear entrance from the Parkade. Podium 3 and Galleria 3 may be accessed by stairs and elevators available on the Mezzanine. An escalator to Galleria 3 is also located on the Mezzanine. Stairs to Galleria 4 and 5 are located at the approximate midway point of both wings of Galleria 3. There is also an elevator in the south-west corner of Galleria for travel between the three Galleria floors. Stairways for emergency evacuation are located throughout Galleria 3, Podium 3 and the Mezzanine. These stairways cannot to be used for casual travel between floors.

Each faculty or staff office is individually keyed. Keys are provided by Facilities. Report any lost or stolen keys to Facilities at extension 27495. Filing cabinets are available for faculty and staff upon request. Keys are provided by Facilities. Contact Facilities at extension 27495 if keys need to be cut for a filing cabinet.

As a building policy, no animals or pets are allowed at SFU Surrey, except for dogs assisting the disabled.

Office paper, magazines and newspapers can be recycled by placing them in the small blue bins located throughout the campus. There are large blue bins for pop can and drink containers. Confidential materials can be placed in the grey Shred-It bins located in common areas. The Shred-It pick up is once a month. Cardboard boxes can also be recycled. Flatten and leave boxes beside a garbage can.

Student can obtain a locker at SFU Surrey by visiting the Registrar's Office during hours of operation. New locker sales for 2014, went on sale today, Monday, January 6.

Lockers are rented for the term and certain costs and deposits will be associated with it. Locker rentals are currently $25.00 (cash only) per term, $40 for 2 terms, $55 for 3 terms and will be distributed at the beginning of the term.

You will not need to purchase a lock. Any lockers found with personal locks will have them removed at the student's expense.

Near the end of each semester, students have the opportunity to renew their rental. If they do not renew their rental and remove their items, there is a locker content removal process that takes place at the end of each semester where the student is charged a clearing fee of $17.00.

If you have a locker at SFU Burnaby, you will have to rent a separate locker at SFU Surrey. Fees for one locker do not transfer between campuses. Use of the lockers is at your own risk; SFU can not assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal possessions, please leave your valuables at home.

For more information please see: If you have any questions about locker rentals, please contact the SFU Surrey Registrar office at Mezzanine (top of the entrance staircase) or call 778.782.7400.

Blinds are standard fixtures on all campus windows. In some classrooms there are additional black out drapes. Adjust the blinds as required for outside light conditions. If repairs are needed, contact Facilities at extension 27495. In the summer months, the blinds and drapes assist with temperature control, providing a sun block barrier. It is beneficial to keep the blinds down, especially on the south side of the building.

SFU Surrey photo ID cards act as access cards for faculty, staff and students in Surrey programs. Students in Burnaby programs taking classes at SFU Surrey will have both their Burnaby Library/ID card and a separate SFU Surrey access card provided by the Facilities department. Most of the space on Galleria 3, the Mezzanine and Podium 3 is open. Access cards are required to enter computer labs, specialty teaching space,  and the main entrance and elevators after hours.

Please report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the Facilities department at extension 27495 or 604-506-7495 mobile. The cards can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized usage. This is critical for ensuring the safety of SFU Surrey’s premises and that of its neighbours. Replacement cards can be obtained at Registrar and Information Services. There a $25.00 charge per replacement card.

The classrooms and labs are supplied with whiteboard markers and erasers. All other teaching supplies are to be purchased by the instructor’s home department. Secure storage for faculty and staff can be arranged through the Facilities department.

Janitorial staff is on site after 10:30 p.m. Sunday night to Thursday night ensuring that the premises are ready for business Monday to Friday. Janitors enter offices to complete their cleaning duties and lock the offices when finished. Garbage cans and recycling bins in offices are emptied twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Larger garbage cans are located in the kitchens. Kitchens, meeting rooms, washrooms and common areas are cleaned nightly. Any service requests or deficiencies can be reported to Facilities at extension 27495.

There are lunchrooms for faculty and staff on Podiums 2 and 3, and room 354. It is the users’ responsibility to keep the kitchens clean. SFU Surrey does not offer any food services. A food court and several restaurants are located in, or close to, the Mall.

There is a high demand for office space and all offices are currently occupied. Office space is allocated at the Faculty level and its usage is reviewed annually. Faculties in turn assign space at their discretion. Workstations are available to sessional instructors, teaching assistants and visiting faculty on a drop-in basis as follows:

  • Rooms 3220 and 3320, Galleria 3 – meeting rooms with computers and telephones and access to printers, are available to sessional instructors, teaching assistants and visiting faculty for office hours with students. These rooms are booked through the Resource Scheduler, at extension 27558 or

Facilities staff can assist faculty and staff who do not have an office at the Surrey campus with locking cabinets or access to a secure storage room.

The HVAC system is computer controlled to maximize occupant comfort and minimize energy loads. Standard operating hours on Galleria 3, Podium 3, Podium 2 and the Mezzanine are 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days per week. After hours building systems are turned down. After hours adjustment to the heating system must be arranged with Facilities, in advance. Temperature concerns should be directed to Facilities at extension 27495.

Health and Wellness

SFU Recreation opportunities at the Surrey Campus include:

Visit website for more information.

A Safety Committee is in place to assist with fostering a consistent safety culture throughout the campus and work areas. For more information, contact the SFU Surrey Safety Committee at

Marketing & Communications

Visit the SFU Common Look and Feel website to learn more about University's basic rules and requirements for branding.

Print Services

To request an offical SFU Surrey door sign, please fill out the online form.

Shared use copiers and fax machines are provided for faculty and staff in central locations.  Access codes are required for the photocopiers and may be obtained from Maureen McConnell, local 27477. Any service issues should be reported to Facilities at extension 27495. Fax machines are available for faculty and staff in the Library, room 3675, in the Mail Room, room 1425, at the Information and Security desk on the Mezzanine, at Registrar and Information Services (Registrar staff only) and in room 3572 (ACS and Facilities staff only).

Faculty & Staff printers are located in their respective Faculty spaces with the exception of the bookable office spaces on the 5th floor of the Galleria 5300.  There are four printer stations for faculty and staff in rooms 3064, 3084, 3355 and 3225 on Galleria level 3. For printing assistance, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at extension 27490. For large print jobs, the services of Document Solutions, which is located on the Mezzanine adjacent to the Westminster Savings Theatre, are available.

There are two Papercut Release Stations for students in rooms 3064 and 3355 on Galleria level 3. The Fraser Library, room 3625, has a Papercut Release Station, and in the Firefighters Lab 2300 on Galleria 2. 

Papercut Student Printing is a payment based service provided only to students. For printing assistance, please contact the IT Services Surrey Help Desk at extension 27490 or click here for more information about printing with Papercut. For large print jobs, the services of Document Solutions, which is located on the Mezzanine adjacent to the Westminster Savings Theatre, are available.

SFU Documeny Solutions strives for excellence through its personnel, expertise and technology to provide students, faculty and staff with the most compelling and highest quality service in areas of document management, scanning, cross-media publishing, printing and promotional products.

Safety, Security & Emergency

Simon Fraser University Surrey is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors.

In an emergency call 911

Campus Security also provides urgent assistance 24/7 at each of our campuses

  • Emergency Line: 778-782-4500
  • Non-Emergency Line: 778-782-7991

More information and resources:

The Campus Information and Security desk is located in the WestStone Group Grand Hall (Mezzanine). Security guards are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. At any given time, one Security guard will be located at the Security desk and campus is monitored by cameras and by guards on foot patrol.

All classrooms and labs have a wall phone and speed dial #1 will connect immediately to Campus Security. Or call in any security or safety concerns to the Campus Information and Security desk at 778.782.4500.

On a personal safety note, do not leave backpacks or laptops unattended and always lock offices and labs when leaving. Please report any unusual activity. Do not leave any incidents unreported as this will help SFU monitor activities and make improvements.

Maps of the tower floors are posted in the elevator lobby, with fire exit instructions. On Galleria 3, Podium 3, and the Mezzanine, maps are posted in the classrooms, labs, offices, hallways and lounges. Familiarize yourself with the exit routes and the posted instructions. In case of emergency use the stairs.  Fire evacuation drills are conducted annually. All occupants are required to participate in a drill to learn the safety procedures and prepare for an emergency.

SFU Surrey has trained Fire Wardens who will provide instructions during an emergency or a test drill. Fire Wardens work in conjunction with the Central City Emergency Evacuation team, Facilities and Campus Security. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that all of their students are safely evacuated.

Our Safe Walk program offers an escort, on request, to the parkade or across the street to the transit loop and Skytrain entrance. To use the service, please visit or call the security desk in the WestStone Group Grand Hall.

Central City Security for the office tower and the shopping mall are separate from SFU Surrey Campus Security, but both teams work together for the benefit of faculty, staff, students and visitors. The main lobby security desk has officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tower Security may be contacted at 604.588.7855.

Request a workshop on emergency preparedness workshop from SFU Emergency & Continuity Planning. Request a personal safety workshop from SFU Campus Public Safety.


Review medical emergency procedures.

Major Injury
Call 911. Urgent assistance is also provided by Campus Security at: 778-782-4500.

Minor Injury
Direct injured individuals to the Campus Security desk in the WestStone Group Grand Hall. A First Aid Room is adjacent to the Information and Security desk.

Review Surrey campus AED locations in the event of a cardiac arrest.

SFU Surrey and the Central City complex are fully protected by sprinklers. The alarm system consists of control panels to carry out all fire alarm and protection functions, manual alarm stations, firefighter phones, emergency voice communications, automatic alarm initiating devices and a central alarm and control facility. Alarm bells will be sounded in 2 stages. An intermittent alarm indicates that a situation is occurring elsewhere in the building. A rapid alarm means immediate evacuation is necessary. Announcements over the PA system will provide additional information.

Students, staff and visitors should be aware that TransLink also has comprehensive safety and security measures. All SkyTrain vehicles and stations are monitored by both remote cameras and onsite personnel.  SkyTrain attendants provide personalized assistance with support from TransLink Security. In addition, buses at the SkyTrain station are equipped with communication systems that keeps them in touch with "T-Comm," a 24/7 contact point to provide support in the event of any safety and security issues.

Shipping and Receiving

Visit Mail Room Services for more information on shipping and receiving at SFU's Surrey campus.

Deliveries are received in the campus Mail Room, 1425 in the Basement. There is a mail run that occurs Monday to Friday once a day in the morning. The Mail Clerk can assist faculty and staff with logistics when using a courier; however, the home school / department / program's operating account number is required to bill shipments. Faculty and staff receiving shipments larger than a standard mail item, such as boxes of books, computers or other equipment, should consult with Arnold Lee (778.782.8021).

Visit Mail Room Services for more information.