Welcome to the Sustainable Development (SD) Program


Building leaders & changemakers for a sustainable world!

  • Worried about climate change, food security, and the sustainability of our cities, communities and planet?
  • Seeking ideas, examples, and skills to take action for a more sustainable world?
  • Passionate about social justice and social inclusion?
  • Looking for an opportunity to develop your networks in the field of sustainability?
  • Want to learn how to plan a viable social enterprise?
  • Interested in issues of urban design and urban sustainability?
  • Wishing you could gain practical experience in designing projects, initiatives, and communications strategies to implement the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Wondering how the economy could be redesigned to restore and protect ecosystems while creating meaningful work and opportunities?
  • Looking to build practical skills and experience to build your CV for co-ops and jobs?

The Sustainable Development Program is newly redesigned to help you develop the knowledge, skills and networks for informed, inspired action to increase environmental, social and economic sustainability in your community, city, university, and workplace.


3 Reasons Why Sustainability Education Increases Employment Opportunities

Studies find that students who include sustainability into their learning and/or co-curricular experience are ahead of the curve when it comes to seeking employment after graduation.