Disclosure & You

You do not need to disclose a disability if it does not affect your ability to perform your work. However, if you are seeking accommodations, you are responsible for informing your employer. You have control over your decisions regarding whether, when, and how to disclose a disability. For an SFU student's perspective on their experience with disclosure, check out this blog post: Disclosing Disability.

Disclosure is a process

The process of disclosure involves deciding whether or not to disclose to your employer, reflecting about when to disclose, creating a disclosure script, working collaboratively with your employer to develop an accommodation plan, and consistently communicating with your employer moving forward.

Should I disclose my disability?

Based on your personal context, review these questions to help assess if/when disclosure is something you would consider.


  • Am I comfortable speaking about my disability and the impact it has on my life?
  • Can I explain my disability simply and succinctly?
  • Do I have experience telling someone about my disability; how did that experience go?
  • What kind of accommodations (at school/work) have been helpful in the past/present?
  • What are my strengths? How has my disability contributed to the development of my strengths and skills? (e.g. problem solving, creativity, independence)



  • Have I reflected about whether and how my disability could impact my performance during the job search or in the workplace?
  • Have I reflected about my options for how, when, and with whom I would discuss my disability?
  • What are the pros and cons of discussing my disability?
  • Do I find it hard to make decisions?


  • What is the best approach I could take to be successful in this situation?
  • What approach works best for my personal communication style and preferences?
  • Would it be helpful for me to practice a disclosure script before disclosing to an employer? 
  • What's next? What do I have to do to move forward?


  • What approach did I take?
  • Did the experience go as I expected it to or did anything feel different than expected?
  • How did this experience make me feel?
  • Looking back, what worked well and what could have gone better?
  • Did I learn anything from this process that I want to remember for next time?
  • Has this process helped me develop my skills and/or confidence? If so, in what ways?

When to Disclose is Contextual

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts to self disclosure.