Co-op provides Communication students with the opportunity to enhance skills, gain paid, relevant experience and discover new passions, all while completing their degree. Translating classroom knowledge into workplace action and graduating with a year’s worth of industry experience arms Communication Co-op students with the tools to succeed.   

Explore career options in communications, digital marketing, event planning, social media, community engagement, public relations and more. Compete for real jobs and work full-time for 4 or 8 months at a time. From tech startups to non-profit organizations to government, employers come to SFU Co-op specifically to hire Communication students.

Apply to Communication Co-op by October 15th, 2023 to work in Summer 2024 or beyond!

For more info, you can check out the FAQ page, attend the Info Session, and review application requirements. Once you’re ready to apply to Communication Co-op, click here.

Wondering if Co-op is for you?

Meet Kat Perez, an SFU School of Communication graduate who completed three Co-op work terms! Kat shares her perspective on how Co-op is different from classes and how it has given her an edge in her career.

Starting or Continuing Your Co-op Journey?

A Letter to Current and Future Co-op Students by Tiffany Wong

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Why Co-op is the Most Important Thing You Can Do as an International Student

An article by Farhan Shahriar

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Application Deadline

October 15th, 2023 February 15th, 2024 June 15th, 2024

Co-op Student Stage

What Co-op stage are you at? Select the one that applies to you:

Prospective Students
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Application Fee and Practicum Tuition

There is a one-time Co-op application fee. You must pay tuition for each Co-op Work Term.

What do you get for your application fee and practicum tuition?


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