Interviewing for a job requires a lot of preparation. If you are a student who is adjusting to speaking English or adapting to Canadian culture you will find several helpful tips on how to succeed in a Canadian workplace interview. This Canvas resource is built with videos and infographics so there is not a lot of reading. The material includes resources on what to do before- during- and after an interview and where you can get additional support on campus.

The Canvas is non-facilitated and is created for you as a resource hub. You can join in at any point through the semester and the Canvas is open to you until the semester ends.

Cost: Free!

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The course is divided into three modules:

Week 1:

Before the Interview

Know Your Strengths

Know Who You Are Talking To

Accents and Being Understood

Build Your Professional Vocabulary

3 Strengths


Week 2:

During the Interview

Create A Good Impression with Your Body Language

Talking About Your Strengths in An Interview

Answering Questions During an Interview

Asking Questions

Interviews Within Your Culture

Week 3:

After the Interview

End Strong

Going Forward

We Need Your Help

Additional Resources