Funded by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative through CEWIL's iHUB Project


Why choose AKU's Virtual Internship Programme?

The Aga Khan University’s Virtual Internship Program (AKU-VIP) provides you with a one-of-a-kind virtual placement to build valuable skills and enhance your cross-cultural competencies through work opportunities with diverse teams in more than 14 countries. 

*No international travel is required, students can work remotely from home.

The placements are offered remotely with AKU offices in East Africa, South and Central Asia, Europe and North America with the international development agencies of The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

The programs aim to provide a critical learning opportunity that goes beyond simple work experience and instead focuses on thinking outside of the box, developing strong leadership skills, being critically reflexive, and learning new ways of doing things in new environments.

The CEWIL iHUB Grant will provide financial funding to support 20 SFU students in AKU VIP placements.

Reasons to apply: 

  • Help provide solutions to real world projects 
  • Receive one on one mentorship support from AKU supervisors
  • Receive professional reference letters
  • Gain international learning experience and grow your Linkedin Network
  • Work in a professional virtual environment outside of the classroom 
  • AKU application/placement fees ($1,100 CDN) covered directly by CEWIL iHUB Grant
  • Additional financial funding to students provided by SFU WIL ($2,300 CDN) and CEWIL iHUB Grant ($200 CDN)

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Watch the Instagram Live Video

Featuring Azim and Evan

A conversation with current AKU-VIP interns on their internship experience and key takeaways from their respective placements.

Explore @aku.iip's page on Instagram for more information, and watch SFU SEE student Evan McFee share his key takeaways from his placement on Instagram Live.

Posted December 7, 2021




Students eligible for CEWIL iHUB funding include individuals who are: 

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; and, are legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations.
  • Registered in post-secondary institution (this includes students who have not yet joined Co-op).
  • Students approved for funding will be required to register for SFU Spring 2022  WIL/Co-op practicum and complete all requirements. Further instructions will be given once students have secured an AKU VIP placement.

Things to Consider Before Applying

  • Have good academic standing (2.5+ CGPA)

  • Able to commit at minimum ~20 hours a week (January - April)

  • Open to work with flexible time zones 
  • Financial funding to students provided by SFU WIL ($2,300 CDN) & CEWIL iHUB Grant ($200 CDN) and AKU application/placement fees will be directly covered by CEWIL iHUB Grant ($1,100 CDN) 
  • Students will be responsible for WIL/Co-op practicum fees once placed with AKU for the Spring semester


Tuesday November 30th, 2021 

How does the process work? (Please read through all steps)

  1. Submit application form below to verify eligibility for CEWIL iHUB financial funding.
  2. Go to AKU VIP website and learn more about the current internship placements.
  3. Choose position(s) you are interested in on AKU VIP website and click on Apply Now (located at bottom of the page).
  4. Register (top right corner) on the AKU VIP website in order to submit your application. Indicate (SFU-COOP) to the questions "How did you hear about us?" on the application form.
  5. Contact once you have applied indicating position(s) applied for.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for a maximum of two positions if interested. Students will need to submit seperate applications for each position. Also of note, applicants do not need to pay for AKU application fees as this will be covered by the CEWIL iHUB grant. 

Funding Disbursement - Upon approval of application, securing of an AKU VIP placement, and WIL/Co-op practicum registration:

  •  The AKU application/placement fees ($1,100) will be paid directly by the CEWIL iHUB grant
  • The student will receive the SFU WIL award ($2,300 CDN) which will be disbursed during the practicum into student's SFU account.
  • The CEWIL iHUB Grant ($200 CDN) will be disbursed into student's SFU account upon successful completion of practicum and required CEWIL iHUB student exit surveys.

Have questions? Please email

Please Submit the Form Below:

*The information below is requested by the Government of Canada and CEWIL iHUB project.

Student's legal or preferred first name
Home postal code where student is living during the iHub experience
Student Status
* Due to Canadian Government funding requirements, international students are not eligible.
Type of Degree
Currently enrolled in
Enrollment Status
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Year of Study
Credit units completed
CEWIL iHUB funding priority will be given to students who are members of social groups that face equity and inclusion barriers. Indicate if you belong to any of the following social groups. Select all that apply.